Functional Friday: Colours Galore

Friday! Finally! I feel like this was the longest and shortest week ever! While it was going by, I couldn’t see the end, but after I was close to the end… where the heck did it go. Today I am going to talk about Laura Bryant’s book Artful Color Mindful Knits.

LB Book

I was lucky enough to take one of Bryant’s classes at Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2014. I really thoroughly enjoyed the class and it was really worth going to the class in order to see all the examples she brought. The class was called Intentional Patterning with Hand Dyed Yarn and that is a large part of the book!

Hand dyed yarn is always very unique and sometimes you don’t know what to do with it. Bryant’s book and class, help you figure out how to make patterns from variegated yarn. Not just any random conglomeration of pooling and scattered rainbows, but argyle and circle patterns. I could not believe this! It looks amazing and the pictures in the books are wonderful, but nothing beats seeing them first hand. I think when we see things in a picture our mind tricks us into thinking the pictures have been air brushed or altered. I took some pictures of the samples and even those pictures do not do them justice.

Shawl with Kim

There is a lot of information for dyers in this book as well. Mixing and matching colours and tones. It is a really interesting read and I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Very interesting and educational!