Summer Time Madness

With the warmer weather on the horizon I thought an update about seasonal events was in order! Everyone is waking up and coming out of hibernation mode. Slowly slinking to the edge of our caves and blinking into that damnable bright light. What the heck is with the Sun anyway?! I was almost blinded exiting a building anyway.

I’ve already passed a lot of the firsts that come with warmer weather. First sunburn of the season. First mosquito mauling… you know… the normal stuff.

Summer Damage

One thing Paul and I are doing this year that is a first for us, is playing on a co-ed softball team. The last time I played softball was in elementary school, so I am a bit rusty, but it is all in good fun! Paul is actually on the co-ed team and the men’s team.

I actually forgot how physically exerting running from base to base is. I am more of an endurance person rather than a fast person. Paul decided to go to a track near our house and practice running sprints. I thought this was a good idea, so I went too; thinking we could make a game out of it. You know, like a race! Inside I was giggling to myself because I am much smaller than Paul, and have much more endurance. You would think this would mean I was faster since Paul is a relatively tall, broad man with all the aerodynamic styling of a barn door.

HE LEFT ME IN THE FRICKEN DUST!! I was stuck on this revelation for DAYS! I tried, but COULD NOT CATCH HIM. Seriously! It wasn’t even close, where I could have put a little more umph into my sprint and overtaken him. He was just… just… GONE! *I know you can’t see me, but I am making wild arm gestures as I tell this story*

I go to some of the men’s games and the other girls and I heckle the players. To be precise, we heckle our own team in particular. It seems to spur them on by connecting them to that special sense of chagrin and exasperation only a woman can cause. In all fairness the women on the other team do the same thing to their players!

Lately all the games have been later at night, so I’ve missed a couple, but I am happy to report both teams are doing well so far!

The summer is going to be unreasonable busy with all the pre-wedding events going on. Paul’s younger brother has just recently gotten engaged as well. Both Paul and I are in Chris and Allie’s wedding and they are in ours; the four of us have double wedding events to attend! I am really looking forward to their wedding in January though, it’s a beautiful time of year and Allie is really creative. I can’t wait to help out and see all their plans come to fruition. It helps that Allie and I are able to tease Paul’s youngest brother that he is next!