Knock on Wood

With the Kitchener/Waterloo knitters fair coming up, I really need to get on top of dyeing all the yarn I would like to sell there. I realized the other day that they dyeing was only half my battle. I need to knit samples as well! I have a few friends who have volunteered to make a couple garments as samples, but I am the main source.

Ombre 2

I’ve had the Ombre Cardigan planned for a little while. My friend, Lena, gave me the idea for the colours and I couldn’t get it out of my head. My Citrine Label yarn was the perfect match for this pattern. Soft and light, it is deliciously luxurious. I can’t wait to finish it and actually wear it!

Since I need a couple other samples I will probably make a few pairs of socks, a shawlette, hats, scarves and anything else that would strike my fancy. I suppose the best advertising is the kind you wear right? I’ll have to make Paul something as well. Maybe a vest? He gets so warm that a sweater is not really practical.

Ombre 1

As you know from Monday’s post, it wasn’t the smoothest of starts, but everything is going along nicely now. I think I may have just cursed myself, but what is life without a challenge? I am really enjoying the Ombre Cardigan, but it may be partly the yarn. It is so soft yet not slippery at all! I am absolutely reveling in this knitting! I may have come to detente with lace…

On the other side I am still working on a random vanilla sock and Shauna’s mittens. I haven’t really had all too much time to knit! I am sure every knitter feels that at some point; life must go on.