Monday Mishaps: Ombre Obstacle

I managed to start a new project this weekend! Naturally it would be featured first in the Monday Mishaps section of the blog! As with any new pattern, you should always read them over before you start. Look for things that say “while you’re knitting this, do this at the same time”; this is always my foil. I constantly miss those paragraphs and manage to knit relatively far into the garment before I realize I should have been adding stitches, changing something, or just paying attention to something in specific.

With the Ombre cardigan you start at the top and work your way down. I completely thought it would be worked from the bottom up, so I was already reeling from that recent discovery. I was really still trying to work my head around this cardigan being knitted from the top down, so I wasn’t paying as close attention as I could have been.

You start with the collar that turns down into a button band. It is worked in seed stitch for 12 rows. I was relieved because I would have at least that long to work in a mindless stitch before doing anything too intense. For the whole 12 rows I seed stitched and thought this was going relatively well.

Ombre Start MM 1

I went back to the pattern and then realized I should have been increasing the whole time I was doing those twelve rows. I sighed and ripped it all out.

For some reason I was knitting really slowly and it actually took an hour for me to knit that inch, to inch and a half. Granted that it is lace, but it is being held double!

I mentally grumbled the whole time I was ripping that out. I was close enough to the beginning that it wasn’t even worth it to try to rip back to a particular point. I might as well just start over again. Ripped everything out and cast on once more. Awesome.

Ombre Skeins

I actually remembered the increases this time around, but I had a different problem. Not too long ago, I wrote a post about ripping things out and I said to ALWAYS make sure your loose yarn in balled or taken care of in SOME WAY. Where I was knitting there were no pets, but there were yarn gremlins! You know… those nasty little creatures that come out when you’re not looking and tangle the yarn.  That’s right, my yarn got tangled! Not too bad, but just enough to make it slow knitting. Just enough to be annoying.

The Ombre Cardigan is off to an auspicious start, let’s hope this is not an omen of things to come in the future. I could use and easy and successful project.