Functional Friday: Knit to Flatter

When I went to Vogue Knitting Live NYC I took a lecture from Amy Herzog. I originally wanted to take her class, but they were completely sold out within a day or two of registration opening. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to take her class, but felt relieved that I would be able to see her lecture.

K2F 1

When I went to the knit to flatter lecture I absolutely loved it! Amy Herzog is an amazing public speaker and kept her audience totally engaged the entire time. She frequently used her own body to demonstrate concepts and give examples of good and bad ideas.

In a nutshell, knit to flatter is about knitting garments to flatter your body type. I am not totally sure what I expected when I walked into that lecture, but I took away a great deal of information that applies not only to my knits, but shopping for clothes as well. The entire lecture hall was given specifications about necklines, sleeve lengths, sleeve styles, embellishments, hemlines and so much more; everything working together to create the best garment for your body.

Since I was unsure how much I would actually retain from this excellent lecture, I bought the book. There was actually a time where Herzog was doing book signings, so I strategically went during that hour and managed to get myself a signed copy.

K2F 2

The book itself is an excellent directory for those who are able to work well with written instructions. All the information from the lecture is in it, as well as 21 different sweater patterns that you can customize to your own liking.

One of the best things about this book is you can see the sweaters knit slightly different on different models. What I mean is, one model is quite tall and slim, the garment she is wearing is long and sleeveless, open at the front with lapels. A couple pages later there is a curvier model wearing the same garment, but it has been shortened and has three quarter length sleeves. The same garment just knit slightly differently. It looks great on both of them, but it is the exact same pattern.

K2F 3

I think Amy Herzog and her merry band of knitters are really onto something here and I would suggest getting yourself a pattern. You can take your own measurements and go through her website, or you can see if any LYS in your area are offering the knit to flatter service. In Toronto, I know the Purple Purl offers knit to flatter. I do have the book, but if I get an opportunity to go to one of her classes, I’ll be all over it!