Shut the Front Door

Wednesday again! The days are flying by, I can’t seem to get enough knitting time in so I can have a finished object for you! I did get quite a bit of work done on the snuggle sack I was working on, I also managed to begin converting yet another disciple over to the dark side.

The snuggle sack! I don’t feel bad posting this here because I know the person this is for does not read my blog! She will still be in for a surprise when she gets it.

Snuggle Sack 2

I’ve passed the little yellow stripe in it and I do like the look. The stripe breaks it up a little bit and makes the fact that the blue above the yellow and the blue below the yellow are not the same. That’s right, I am using different yarn for the top and bottom. When I started this, I didn’t really have a great plan, I actually intended to pick more yarn up, but just didn’t have the time. Since I was ready to keep knitting on the snuggle sack, but didn’t have the yarn, I improvised. I just held the satin yarn double and kept going.

Snuggle Sack 1

It was interesting enough to start because I was already knitting from that ball, I didn’t want to detach, wind it into a separate ball and re-attach. I ended up finding the other end of the yarn on the inside of the ball and using that. I am knitting from both ends of the yarn towards the middle! I if I don’t finish it before I get there, I will have some odd complications. It’s like Russian roulette, but with knitting.

Now that you’ve seen how dangerously I like to live, you will be able to properly pity my friend Liane. I’ve started to teach her to knit; it was SO meant to be. When she messaged me and submitted that she would indeed learn to knit, she mentioned that she did not have any needles or yarn. I obviously have the answer to this problem; my stash is not getting any smaller or younger. I had some acrylic yarn in a camouflage pattern I had picked up before my first nephew, Ethan, was born. I wanted to make him something cute, yet camo; however, my mom veto-ed the idea and I was left with the pastel baby colours  that assert their dominance on all the really soft and fluffy yarn. I ended up with one skein of camo yarn and Liane, who’s fiancé loves camo. This was perfect! Just enough for a toque (for the US readers it is essentially a beanie.. winter hat… thing).

I know I have expressed my thoughts about how a hat is the perfect first project, but I am going to say it again. HATS ROCK! Alright I am done, I think I might have had too much coffee today…er.. well… this week, but the important thing is enthusiasm and passion! I think a camo toque should impart both in Liane and she will truly convert. She actually has an aptitude for it and picked up knitting rather quickly.

In conclusion, I would like to share that I am now on bloglovin and starting to fumble my way around. It looks like a great way to find new blogs to read, maybe once I have a firmer grasp on it, I will cover it in one of my functional Friday posts.