Monday Mishaps: Mangled Once More

When I was writing this past week’s technical Tuesday, it reminded me of a particular incident when I was first staring out. I had knit something that wasn’t working out. I hadn’t discovered the wonderful world of gauge yet and this item was going to be much too big. I started ripping and ripping without much of a plan; the only thing I knew was, I was going to start over. Ripping without a plan is ALWAYS a mistake.

Since I didn’t have the forethought to actually re-ball my yarn as I ripped it out, I began a little pile of yarn on the floor beside me. I thought it would be fine because I was piling all the yarn on top on one another and it’s not like I was tossing the strands around. Surely they wouldn’t tangle… right?

I MAY have been okay if I were not a cat owner.

Without my noticing, my Siamese kitten decided it would be a lovely idea to play with this big ball of loose yarn! Obviously it was a lot of fun. Sometimes Chloe had the upper hand and other times it seemed like the yarn was winning.

By the time I had noticed her kitten machinations it was too late.

Now… had this been a single strand of yarn, I may have been okay, but I was holding two strands together. What this means, is there were two entirely separate balls of yarn within the same huge tangle. I really tried to save the yarn, but it was way too tangled. It was acrylic and on sale, so I didn’t feel too bad about cutting it.

Glean what you will from this post, but the real moral of this story is, NEVER LEAVE YOUR YARN NEAR A KITTEN!