Worthwhile Wednesday

Even though spring and summer are the ‘off season’ for knitting, I’ve been getting quite a bit done! Paul is currently playing baseball so when I go and watch the games I get a good deal of knitting done. This is also the season of great movies so I am sure we will be going there more and more as well. I started another pair of socks for movie theatre knitting.

At the baseball games I’ve been knitting the snuggle sack. I had to pick up a bit more yarn for this one since I was knitting it from bits and pieces of older balls I had laying around. These odds and ends make the perfect yarn for a snuggle sack because it takes so much less yarn than a baby blanket.

Baby Blue Two Toned

This one in particular is knitting up really fast because I am holding two strands of yarn together and knitting with bigger needles. This gives it a really interesting two tone look. The one blue is a solid matte colour, kind of boring when you look at it. The other strand is satin and shimmery. I really love the effect these two yarns create together.

Baby Blue Yellow Two Toned

I am trying to make a stripe across the middle holding one strand of blue and one strand of yellow. I am not far enough down to see if it is going to work out, but hopefully it will look good! I am really not sure who is getting which one, I think I am going to make a surplus of these for baby showers in the future. This way I have a stash and don’t have to knit like a mad woman to get things in time.

I know what you’re thinking about the socks…. ‘again?’ One can never have too many knitted socks! This one is from yarn I’ve bought quite a while ago, I had balled it up and completely forgot about it. It is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever worked with. The same yarn I made the Alpha socks from.

Sock Autumn

I started this one while we watched the new X-Men movie. By the time the movie was done, I had a couple inches of sock. I LOVE movie theatre knitting! You just don’t realize how much you’re getting done until the movie is over.

The colours are turning out very interesting, I wasn’t sure how they were going to look, but I definitely like them. It makes me think of Autumn, with pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, that nice crisp air that happens just before it gets really cold! My favourite time of year.

Autumn Sock Close

Unfortunately, I have been really busy. The weather is getting warmer which means we get out a lot more. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more stories about hiking, biking, walking, beach time, swimming, tennis, baseball, etc. I  might have to sub in a couple stories about my clumsiness in the Monday Mishaps.