Functional Friday: Namaste Bag and Little Buddy

Functional Friday: Namaste Bag and Little Buddy

I bought my Namaste bag last summer, I desperately needed something to carry my yarn stuff in. Whenever I was heading anywhere it was a mad dash to gather everything together and throw it in a grocery bag. I always ended up forgetting something; scissors, one of the double pointed needles, a different size needle. My ‘knitting base’ was in a storage container in my living room, which is really not mobile at all.

I ended up asking Johanne and Dave to look around at one of the retail shows. I promised to buy one if they wanted to carry them. I was so lucky because Johanne has a Namaste bag and she knew they were very good quality. I ended up getting this one in the colour eggplant.

Namaste Bag

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! The bag is durable and large; I can carry more than one project at a time in it. I am really not a monogamous knitter; I jump from one project to another and what I work on really depends on how I feel. With this bag, I constantly keep all my needles and implements in them so I can just leave the house with a ball of yarn and an idea. I can work on gauge or anything else in the car or wherever I am headed.

It was especially useful for the Vogue Knitting Live conferences. I had all my homework for each class in there and all the tools I would ever need! I also carried around a ball of sock yarn to work with while I was waiting between classes or just before a class started.

I can carry around everything I need in this bag, I just store all my yarn in the storage spaces I have. I always have the current project I have been working on in the bag, so I can grab it and go at the drop of a hat.

Little Buddy

The best part about the Namaste bag, is the little buddy. This is a little container for all your darning needles, stitch markers, scissors, etc. The inside is magnetic so whenever you open it, instead of spraying stitch markers and darning needles everywhere, they stay firmly in place stuck to the side. This is an absolute live saver. I am forever losing my scissors and stitch markers, the little buddy keeps me in line!