I am sorry, but… Game of Thrones

Excuse me, would you please kick that soapbox over here?

Thank you.

I have a problem with a very popular series right now. Game of Thrones. I hate Game of Thrones. I gave it a fair shake, I swear! I read the first book; I watched the first episode of the TV show. I still don’t like it. I feel like it is a picture of everything that is wrong with society today, and a graphic picture. I swear to you that I have heard it called Art. That is right… Art… with the capital A. Essentially we have Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrant, Piccaso and George R.R. Martin. One of these things is not like the others… I’ll give you one guess.


Game of Thrones is not Art. It’s a Dungeons and Dragons soap opera crossed with porn. I do know that many of the die-hard fans that read this think to themselves, “Okay… so DON’T WATCH IT!!” Trust me, I don’t. My problem arises when I am not allowed to not like it. Game of Thrones is so popular it comes up relatively frequently in casual conversation. Even when you strike up a conversation with someone you really don’t know well, “Oh hey, do you watch Game of Thrones?!” Sometimes I almost feel bad. They look so excited, like this is going to be a bonding experience between the two of you. You’re going to talk about which characters you like, which ones inspired a sense of relief when they were decapitated. Alas, I usually say, “Oh, I don’t watch it.”

This is the point where I see that gleam in their eye; they think they’re going to convert me to the best thing ever. I know that gleam; I’ve had that gleam. Before they launch into the thousand things that are so great about the show, they ask in disbelief “You haven’t seen it?!” to which I respond
“Oh, no I’ve seen it. It’s just not for me.”

I still end up on the receiving end of the ‘how awesome Game of Thrones is’ dialogue.

One of the things that’s said to me over and over again is how realistic the plot is. They don’t keep characters alive just because they are the main character or if someone gets shot with 30 arrows, he doesn’t miraculously make it. Okay, valid point, but if I wanted things like that in my reading material, I would read a news paper.

All of the above aside, I can see the draw of the show. Rich characters and intrigue; never knowing which side of the political battles will win! The twists and turns of the plot make you feel a sense of powerlessness and vulnerability within the safe confines of your living room.

By all means, like the show, but have some respect for my opinions. I get emotionally invested in characters and when they are ruthlessly ejected from their mortal coil, I’m not really digging it. I do respect it when others like the show, it really doesn’t affect me in anyway, all I want is the same thing in return. I really don’t think people realize when they’re trying to convert me. A couple people have asked what I don’t like about it, usually I state the regular dispatch of main characters. My favourite response to this was ‘But that is what is so awesome about it.’.


Alright, I THINK I am done now… Does anyone else need a soapbox?