On my Bookshelf

This is going to be another post about what I have been reading or listening to via audio book while knitting. I have only written one other previous post about books and I changed the category it was tagged under to Audio Knitting. That is what Paul calls it whenever I hunker down with an audio book and my knitting. With changing the category, if anyone were only interested in what books I have or am currently reading, they would just have to look under that one tag.

On the docket right now is the fifth installment of the Green Rider series. This was the first ‘grown up’ fantasy I ever read. I was at that age where I had grown out of Goosebumps books and needed to start defining my own reading style. I remember, I was in the Coles at the Sears mall in Chatham, I completely judged the book by it’s cover. The cover is what caught my eye and once I read the back, I knew I wanted to read this book.

Green Rider One

The first and the second books were amazing! Also, they were published five years apart. I am not a person with an overabundance of patience, so it was luck I found the series just as the second book was about to be published. The wait for the third fourth and fifth books were brutal. Especially the wait between the fourth and fifth books. We were left with a cliffhanger ending for the fourth book; luckily we only had to wait four years for the next one. Oh my goodness, I thought I wouldn’t make it.

The last post I wrote on this topic, I mentioned how much I dislike cliffhanger endings. It is cruel; yes it does make the people who read the previous book more likely to buy the next one, but what about the people like me who have zero patience and a BURNING curiosity? I find, even though I am irked by cliffhangers, the next book is usually a let down. I’ve spent the whole year… or four, thinking about what could happen next. Forming and discarding possibilities for that long you build up a standard in your mind. Especially when the series in question doesn’t usually end with a cliffhanger. I enjoy the feeling of resolution and problems just upon the horizon, not ‘okay, we’ve tied up most of the lose ends, lets just throw the main character into mortal peril at the very last second’.

GR Two

If you can’t tell, the emotional tea that are my feelings on this subject have been steeping for much too long. For those of you who aren’t tea drinkers, I’m bitter.

The book itself was okay, your lovely main character is out of danger and continues on the journey that is the basis of this series. This book answered quite a few questions, but really felt like filler for the next book. I feel like there was one major revolution and that didn’t even really come to fruition.

GR Three

I could be biased because the romantic subplot that I DESPARATELY want to happen is really not working out how I thought it would. From any of the forums that I’ve read, my feelings are not unusual. This is a romantic subplot that was hinted at in the first book, looked likely through the second book, at the end of the second book your hopes for this couple took a pretty hard hit and the fourth book made it extremely unlikely. The fifth book has pushed this almost right over to impossible. I am currently sitting in a huge sweater and sweatpants, sobbing ‘BUT THEY JUST WANT TO BE TOGETHER’ into a tub of ice cream. No I am not exaggerating. Yes it is that bad!

GR Four

I am about to hash out some serious spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book and plan to, look away!!

In the book mirror sight Karigan has a romance with a character from the future named Cade. While I did like the idea of Karigan having a romance with a character that is not the love interest she has had since book one, I didn’t like that it was one book long. She tried to being Cade back to the past with her, but she was unable to. I actually thought Cade would turn out to be a descendant of King Zachary and would end up being the man she saw begging her to stay in the Berry sisters telescope. Now I very seriously wonder if we are going to come back around to that at all? In the first book it was hinted at that it would be the King. Karigan recognized something in the shape of his eyes; it would have made sense for the Kings heir to be the one begging her not to go. I am really not sure what to think of the romance with Cade though. Since she coupled with him in the book and had the potential to be carrying his child, now that she has gone back in time to before it happened does that mean she is a virgin again? Telegoth said that there had been the potential for a child but since she travelled back and it would have been Cade’s child, the Gods would not have allowed something from the future to come back.

Overall I am really not sure how I felt about this book, it was good, but there are other parts of the plot I would have liked to see advanced. While the giant overall plot of saving the world is important, what really keeps me captivated are the smaller subplots and the interactions between the characters. I love the interactions between Karigan and Captain Mapstone because the Captain has become something of a surrogate mother figure within her own mind. Karigan respects her and it is touching to see the Captain struggling with sending her into dangerous situations and worrying about her as a mother would. Also what is going on between Captain Mapstone and Karigan’s father?! There was a hint that she went to see him, but nothing concrete. Since this book took place in the future we only received small clips from the past. I didn’t like that, I found myself getting really confused because I didn’t really understand what had happened.

GR Five

It really appears the King has lost most of his regard for Karigan now that he and Lady Estora are married and expecting a baby. At the very end he hands back the letter Karigan had written him for the contingency that she did not come back from the Blackveil forest. He said he thinks she knows what his feelings are towards her, but it felt like he was trying to placate her to forget about Cade or something. It didn’t seem genuine.

Hopefully the next book will give me a little more of what I really enjoy about this series. The whole time I read this book I was rushing through to get to the end and the interactions between the characters I really wanted to see. Hopefully I’ll get more from the next book and not have to wait five years.