Functional Friday: Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Three

This one is about colour-work! This is something that should be really popular now because the Nordic sweaters are everywhere! The patterns in this book are wonderful for creating your own designs. You would be able to sub in different stitch patterns if there are lines you don’t like!

VK Stitchionary 3

My friend Megan helped me find things about the book to talk about. Her first notion about this book was the proportions. This is something I didn’t really think about, but the book is slightly odd; it is wider than it is long and relatively unwieldy.

Megan also found the advertisement in the back about the needles pictured on the cover. Lantern Moon is the company that makes the needles and they are handmade, which you really don’t see very often. There are a lot of yarns out there which are handspun and hand dyed, but not many handmade needles are seen out there in the world today.

We also managed to find a couple stitch patterns that we thought were misnamed, for example the stitch called catacombs is a geometric pattern that strikes me as Myan. The sample for this stitch was knit in a very cheerful colour of pink! We thought a stitch with the name catacomb would be more subdued and perhaps have a skull or two. Something a little more catacombs of france or Jolly Rodger-ish?

That is really just aesthetics though; the book itself is a conglomeration of colour work stitches from Vogue Knitting. What wouldn’t there be to like?