Further Frolicking

The Toronto Knitters Guild held their 16th annual knitters frolic this past weekend. I ended up going with my friend Sara and we met fellow knitter Lena there. I wrote about the Frolic last year here. It was one of my first posts and reviews about a knitting event.

WIP Frolic

Sara and I left my house around 8:30 to get to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto where the Frolic was held. You always want to go early because the parking is usually crazy and you really don’t want to wait in line to get in.

As we pulled up to the JCCC the parking attendants informed us that the lot was completely full and we would have to drive down and around the corner in order to get a spot at the alternate parking lot. They handed us a map and directed us to pull into the normal parking lot to go out the other side, instead of performing some kind of illegal turning maneuver in the middle of the street.

Instead of doing this, I pulled us up to the entrance to look inside and see if the line was really long. Neither of us could really see and we debated the merits of Sara going to get in line and me going to park. We decided it wouldn’t really be worth it because they sell tickets right at the door and I wouldn’t be able to get in without a ticket. We were better off sticking together.

Just out of sheer curiosity we trolled the parking lot to see if anyone had left and there was a spot open.  In the far back corner of the lot, there was a parking spot, but it had one of the concrete blocks across it diagonally. We didn’t immediately see the block and got excited about finding a parking spot. When I pulled closer we saw it and our enthusiasm deflated a bit. Sara turned to me and said, “We could probably move it.”

Parking Win1

I am not going to lie, I know how much those bad-boys weigh and I had my doubts, but I thought there was no hurt in trying. We actually moved it out of the way. Success. Together we were able to drag the beam to the end of the parking spot and could fit my car in.

Parking Win 2

Sara and I went inside and were surprised to find that there was no line at all! We found Lena, who had been there for a little while, and let her guide us around. The technique for shows like this is to make a complete tour of the land and take note of the things you like. Then you can make an informed decision about what you want to get. This way you don’t end up spending your life savings in one round and you won’t miss out on something you REALLY want because you didn’t see it before you purchased other things.

Over all the show was successful for me, I was really only looking for one thing (which is a secret) and I found it. I also found this cute little sock needle case. I have several needle cases, but I bought this one because it was ADORABLE and the price point was right for me. It only holds two sets of double pointed needles, which I like. If I am in a rush to go somewhere, I can just throw in a ball of sock yarn and this little case. Done, no fussing about getting the whole huge case and whatnot.

I think the fair was a little bit smaller this year. I remember the last year there were vendors upstairs; they were all on the main level this year. It was probably less confusing this way but it makes me think there were less people vending this year. It was really crowded again and everyone was having a good time. I saw a lot of new things and talked to a great many people. I really think moving the concrete beam out of the way was the highlight though. Simply because it was such a great feat. It was either that or seeing the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard.