Monday Mishaps: Phalangeal Fail

Another Monday! I swear the days have been going so fast I haven’t really noticed them passing. Last week at work the days went by and it was Friday before I knew what was going on! I suppose there are worse things in life though, like the week that never ends. As you have probably deduced, this week’s cataclysm was brought to you by… my hands!

Dyeing One

I was dyeing some variegated yarn last week. I had already done quite a few solid colours and decided that I really needed to get some of the nice colour shifts in there. I took all the experiments that people really liked (Vampire Barbie, Gild Leaf, Ultra Blueberry) and duplicated them.

Since my dyeing past has been fraught with dye spills I put on gloves immediately. When I was just soaking the yarn I wore gloves because having my hands in the water all the time really REALLY dries my hands out. I was also wearing the gloves straight away because the last time I took the dye jars out of my cupboards I got dye all over my hands! Apparently there was some dried dye on the side of the jar and my hands were still wet from soaking the yarn. Obviously that dye immediately bonded itself to my skin.

Dyeing 3

I digress, this time it wasn’t actually the dye that was the problem. I had submerged the yarn just fine, but then I had to drain it. I put it into the strainer and gently squeezed the yarn to extract as much water as I could. I was thinking to myself, “these gloves are so weird, it feels like my hands are wet, but they’re actually not.”

I’ve had this sensation before, it’s like doing dishes with rubber gloves on. You feel like your hands are in the water and wet, but they are perfectly dry.

I got all the yarn ready to be dyed and just happened to glance at the palm of my left hand. There was a perfect slit in the material from between my middle and ring finger down my palm. I thought it was a really good thing I noticed that before I started dyeing! I went to pull my glove off and the finger of the glove separated from the rest of the glove. I went to pull on another finger to get the glove off, and that one ripped as well. I eventually managed to wrestle the remnants of the glove from my hand, but it really wasn’t dignified. I’m really glad I was alone and there is definitely no photographic evidence of that particular struggle.

Fingerless Glove

I know everyone is thinking, “it was your ring! Your ring punctured the glove!” but it was definitely not the ring. I wish I had gotten a photo of the slit before I managed to rip the fingers off the glove. It was a perfect straight line about an inch. The placement was more towards my palm than around the area where my ring sits.

I think I might have gotten a bad batch of gloves because the second one I put on ripped around the wrist as I pulled it on. It is hard to control my hulk-strength all the time, but I was being relatively gentle I swear!!

Third glove was a charm, I got to dye my yarn without dyeing my hands. In a brainless moment I took off both my gloves and threw them away before I was completely finished. I had to grab a new pair to finish off the session bringing the totally number of expended gloves to 5 instead of two. This also means when I get down to the last set of gloves, it probably won’t be a set.

That is it for the trials of my knitting lately! There has been much more good things happening than complete and total havoc, knock on wood. We will see what kind of trouble I can get into this coming week. Knowing me, it will be something good.