Functional Friday: Stitchionary Volume One and Two

Alright, the next book review on the docket is the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary! The first one is about basic knitting techniques and there are lots of stitch patterns. I know we have all seen a Stitchionary so I am going to glaze over Volume One because the Knitting on and Beyond the Edge books were very similar to these. Volume two is something I haven’t really talked much about, aside from complaining, cables!!

Stitchionary #2

Even though I am really sick of cables from my grandmothers sweater, I LOVE how they look. They add depth to a garments with solid colours and a little elegant flair. The patterns are broken down into five sections; easy, diamonds, pretzels, braids and allover.

This book is so friendly to knitters of all skill levels; the easy section has mock cables as well as some nice simple ones. It’s really great to have cables with training wheels to ease into the book.  As with most cable dictionaries there are written instructions as well as charts. I personally prefer charts, I find them easier to follow and you can see how the stitches are moving. It is a bit easier to anticipate how you are going to cable things, which makes it easier to tell if you are screwing it up. When you’re cable something the wrong way, it will be more noticeable because the visual of the chart keeps you in line.

Cables JulissaPiotr Jankowski | Team Ponam

The all over cables would add a needed punch of pizzazz to any plain sweater. I am really thinking about making a bathing suit cover up with one of the lacier cable patterns. I am not sure why, but I have the mad urge to make a white bathing suit cover up for my honeymoon.

This book would be really great for aspiring designers. There is even a section in the back about combining the different cables into a panel for the front or back of a cardigan or sweater.