Six Month Wedding Update!

Well I’ve been fairly busy with wedding things lately. I just sent out the save the dates the other day. I had them all addressed and put the stamps on them when I realized the stamps I had weren’t enough to cover the mailing costs. I was going to take them to the post office, buy the stamps that added the extra couple cents I needed and send them out, but I ended up being very busy. I didn’t get a chance until today when I had to pick up a package from the post office at shoppers.

Engagement 1

I was saying to my mom, after the wedding, I am going to have the mother of all Christmas card lists. I’ve had to get addresses for everyone, some people I don’t have their phone number, but I’ve currently got their address. It’s a good thing though, the past couple years I’ve thought about sending out Christmas cards, but didn’t want to bother my mom with gathering all sorts of addresses.

I’ve officially ordered the template for the invitations. Paul and I priced out invites made by hand, but they were a little more than we wanted to spend on them. As someone who knits, I can really appreciate getting paid for all the hard work you put into something. Invitations were not an area we really wanted to splurge on though. I ended up going on Etsy and looking around at some of the invites on there.

Engagement 3

What I ended up finding was a woman who draws the invitations and sends you a PDF file. That way you can print it on whatever kind of paper you want and print as many as you like. I absolutely LOVE this idea since I am really not a fan of paper crafts. I would end up gluing my fingers together or something equally absurd. I’ve ordered them, but the final product hasn’t come in yet. I am really looking forward to seeing them finished. I feel like getting the invitations out is going to take a lot of stress off my mind as well. Even though it really isn’t a big task, it is more the act of getting the invites out.

Since the tasting we have been working out tiny details here and there with the venue; bar choices, table placement, whatnot. I am dreading the process of working out a seating chart. I think I am going to try to do something very fluid, yet organized… if that is possible. Just tell certain people to be at certain tables and they can figure themselves out from there.

Engagement 2

I’ve been emailing my girls and working out the details of hair and makeup. We’ve been dress shopping and everyone found a dress and they’re all ordered. I am really pleased that everyone found a dress that looked so good on them. I have six bridesmaids and they’re all going to be stunning! My Maid of Honour, Alanna, has been starting to set up a bridal shower, we are currently trolling for a date. I am not too concerned with everyone going to every single event. There are six bridesmaids and each has a very hectic schedule. If they are okay with missing some events, I am okay with it too. The only event that is mandatory is the wedding itself, but I am sure that was self evident.

I am also in the process of getting a stag and doe together! When I say me, I mean Paul is currently looking for an appropriate venue. I started looking, but got overwhelmed and began having headaches again, so my wonderful fiancé took over. I am really hoping to have it in June, but if that fails, the beginning of July wouldn’t be the end of the world either.

Engagement 4

Even with a wedding planner, planning a wedding is a lot of work. I keep telling Paul that next time, I’m eloping. He laughs and then agrees with me; along with the work, an event like this is also too expensive to do twice! We can re-new our vows on a beach somewhere in about 25-30 years.