Finally Finished!

I’ve finally had a chance to get some knitting done! I know, it seemed like it would never happen. I’ve finally finished Jennie’s socks and they look great. I happened to work on them in front of my mother who immediately noted that she wouldn’t mind a pair of socks in the same colour. Way to take one for the team mom, I am sure hand knit socks in any colour would be a burden. Lol, I am sure I have mentioned that my mother LOVES hand knit socks and would wear no other stockings if she had her way.

Jennie Sock Shot

Everything went relatively smoothly with the rest of these socks and there were no huge problems. I am going to deprive Jennie of her socks a little bit longer because I need to get good photos of them, and as we all know, I don’t do those myself.

Close Up Colour

I am hoping to get more photos of the new yarns I’ve dyed lately and put them up on the shop! I had a week of dyeing lately and another custom order to do, so I’ve been quite busy! I really hope the colours are going to suit everyone, I took the advice of my friends; even if I didn’t particularly like the way a colour turned out, I would recreate it for others. I know that everyone has different tastes and just because I LOVE huge explosive colour, not everyone swings that way.


Bottom of the FootI’ve been thinking about the upcoming warmer weather and what to knit. I think I am going to make Tanis Fiber Arts Ombre Cardigan. I really love this pattern, even if it is in lace, and can’t wait to try out my Citrine Label yarn! It is so soft I really want to make something special from it. Hopefully it won’t take me years to finish it!