Technical Tuesday: Mattress Stitch

As with the case of most people who don’t sew often, my stitches aren’t the neatest.  I always avoided sweaters that needed to be pieced together. When a pattern finally persuaded me that it would be worth it to venture out of my comfort zone, I had to learn.

I Heart Aran

I was lucky enough to pick Tanis Fiber Arts I Heart Aran Sweater. Not to sound too much like a fan-girl, but I cannot say enough about Tanis’ patterns. They are clear, well written and one of the reasons I’ve become the knitter I am today. I’ve learned so many skills from these patterns. Even when the directions for a particular skill are not included, the pattern is very clear and easy for a novice to follow.

This is the exact video I used when I was learning to do this technique.

As you can see it is not very intimidating. I really love this technique because you cannot see the seam from the right side when it is on two flat pieces of knitting. In the picture below I used this technique for the shoulder seam and it could have turned out neater, but I would say that is not bad for a first try!

I Heart Aran Shoulder Seam