Monday Mishaps: Seeing it Through

This story is about the first interchangeable needle set I bought. Seeing as this was the very first one I don’t feel too bad saying it was something of a catastrophe. Actually it really wasn’t that bad, I was using my dramatic license… again.

This set was interchangeable and acrylic. I choose the acrylic because I thought they looked cool. They were clear, so they kind of looked like glass. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, but with knitting needles.

AI Needle

I was extremely pleased with these needles until I was knitting a sweater on one of the finer ones. The weight of the sweater on the circular needle combined with the innate fragility of these needles caused one to crack and my sweater to fall right off the needle. As soon as this happened, my head snapped up to the clock to see if Johanne’s Knitn’Stitch was still opened. I had about 15 minutes before they closed; I was on a roll and couldn’t stand the thought of stopping right then.

Luckily the LYS is just around the corner from my house and I could zip right over. I ran inside with my sweat pants on and hair in a mess. I said, “Please tell me you have a 4mm interchangeable needle.”

“Yes… of course.” Johanne responded with a puzzled look, “I thought you just bought a set.”

“I did, but my 4mm just broke!”

“You really shouldn’t knit while angry.”

I wasn’t angry, I was just knitting… with vigor! I wasn’t even sure what had happened. One minute I was knitting and the next I had to pick up the stitches between the cable for my circular and the broken end of the needle.

I thought this was a fluke and probably had to do with some kind of imperfection in that particular needle. Unfortunately it managed to happen with a few other sizes as well.

My 5mm I actually crushed underneath my hand when I put my knitting down and got off the couch. My mom borrowed my 10 mm and broke the tip off one of the needles because her tension was quite tight. A couple needles have detached from the connector at the bottom where the cable screws in; those I just had to glue back together.

AI Tip

I have come to the conclusion that I am way too rough with my knitting needles to be able to use acrylic. The next set I bought were the knit picks new colour, Caspian. They are made of wood and I haven’t had any problems with them… yet.

Caspian Needles

A part of me wishes I was able to use nickel plated needles, but every time I knit for a prolonged period of time, I get needle shaped calluses on my fingers where I hold them. It’s an odd problem to have, but I haven’t used any metallic needles since I first started knitting. I always bought bamboo or wood. I found bamboo needles to have a little bit more give and much easier to work with.

That is the story of the time I knit so hard I broke my needles and why I have the needle preference I do.