Guess what?! I opened an Etsy shop!! For those of you not in the know, Etsy is a website where you can open a shop and sell handmade, vintage, and/or crafty things in general! I didn’t hear about it until I complemented a friend on her cowl. It was cream with black text; the first chapter of harry potter was printed on it. I’ve obviously gotten a very favourable impression.

Ultra Purple AmethystPiotr Jankowski | Team Ponam

To find my shop you can search StitchPleaseYarns. I am putting all the skeins I dye on there for sale and I am also accepting custom orders. Depending on volume and material levels, it will take a bit longer for custom orders.

Diet Cotton Candy AmethystPiotr Jankowski | Team Ponam

It’s all very exciting. My first order was a custom order from Australia! My yarn is on the other side of the world! I think I would like to get a map and mark down all the places I sell to. I haven’t heard back from my first customer, but I hope she lets me know how the yarn is. It was a really pretty colour way that I’ve decided to call Gaia; it’s pronounced ‘guy-awe’. The green and blue colour is very reminiscent of the Earth in all her glory and in mythology Gaia is the primordial persona of the earth. I was thinking about making this colour way special and volunteering to go an hour without power for every skein I sold, but I thought that could get out of control fast. Instead, I am going to find a charity that specifically helps the Earth and donate $1 for every skein sold. This means I am on the hunt for a benevolent organization and I am going to need to dye more skeins.

GaiaMichelle | Stitches be Slippin’

I am really hoping to get more yarn dyed soon, I don’t have many crazy looking mixes! If you notice, I’ve also added a ‘shop’ page to this website! This is my online shop where you can purchase yarn if you so choose. Eventually I would like to have custom skeins on Etsy and the normally carried colour ways on this website. That is in the future though and I am going to be working with the two different platforms and updating the stock independently.

Garnet CobaltPiotr Jankowski | Team Ponam

I hope you get a chance to check it out and tell me what colours look the best. I had a friend take all the photos so they are VERY close to the real colours. My photography skill is insufficient to do these colours justice!