Monday Mishaps: Tempting Fate

You will remember the post about knitting in the dark. I mentioned that I liked knitting in the movie theater. There was a really good opportunity for me to knit in-movie a couple weeks ago. We were going to see the movie 300: Rise of the Empire, as much scintillating dialogue and intrigue as there would be, I thought I would be fine to knit during this show. My biggest mishap didn’t even happen in the movie, it happened in the ticket line!

I should start at the very beginning, I was knitting socks on double pointed needles. Usually I carry them around in the bag pictured below. It is perfect for small projects but there is one drawback. Sometimes the double pointed needles poke through the bag. It isn’t a particularly lose weave material or anything; the needles just happen to be at the right angle every now and again. In the line, I noticed there was a needle poking out. I was scared that it would fall out and I would lose one of my set, so I pulled it through the bag and put it back inside.


Everyone proceeded to get their popcorn and drinks and we got into the theater. The previews had started, because we didn’t show up terribly early, and I took my knitting out of the bag. It was at this point I noticed that I was missing a needle… from my sock. The dpn that had been poking through my bag was one of the needles with live stitches on it. Facepalm.

The yarn I was using happened to be quite dark so it really blended in with the lighting conditions. I seriously considered going into the hallway to pick up the stitches, but my companions thought it was funny enough that I was actually bringing knitting to a movie. I would never live it down if I left the movie for five minutes to pick up some stitches. I laboriously hunted and gathered my fallen stitches back onto the needle and started knitting again.

Around the first round there were some stitches that were on the wrong way and others that felt… a little funny. It was too dark to tell what was really wrong with them so I just knit right over top of them. I figured that I would make progress and if something was really seriously wrong, I would just rip it back. This was all bonus knitting time.

J Sox

Another problem with this particular pattern is, if you mess up your count, you really need to know what you are feeling for. I was doing a sock in a K3P1 rib, it is my favourite for socks! The problem is, the very last stitch in every row is a purl, which feels very similar to an accidental yarn over. It is very tricky to tell when you have accidentally picked up a stitch or if you just miscounted. In the end I ended up making the wrong call and dropping a live stitch, so I just put the knitting back in the bag and focused totally on the movie.

The moral of today’s story is: if a needle is sticking through your knitting bag, pull it from the inside.