Functional Friday: Knitting Beyond the Edge

Compared to the last Nicky Epstein book this one covers, cuffs, collars, necklines, corners, edges and closures. I have loved each succession of these books and this one is no different.

Knitting Beyond the Edge UK

The very first picture in the section for Cuffs & Collars is a beautiful brown sweater with fall leaves detailing the hem, cuffs and inside of the collar. I managed to find this alternate picture of the cover depicting this sweater.

Most of the cuffs and collars in the first section are very unique. Techniques I would not have even thought about. A few peplum cuffs are very interesting, some with cables and colour work. There are a lot of interesting ideas in adding embellishments to the collars and around the cuffs. There are so many fascinating and elegant ideas I never really thought about. I like cuffs that aren’t tight, several times I’ve cast on more stitches than recommended and I increase, or decrease, fewer times. With the instructions for flared sleeves or pointed sleeves I will be able to refine the way I do cuffs a little bit.

Neckline is the next chapter I do not usually do too much with necklines, anything around my neck gives me a sense of claustrophobia. There are a lot of interesting turtlenecks and higher necklines. They are very cute, but I think I will try some of the wider necklines first. If I used a lighter weight yarn I would probably fare better than with a heavier yarn.

Knitting Beyond the Edge CAN

Corners & Edges are one of my favourite sections. I love clean corners and edgings that hide any uneven stitches or messiness. There are quite a few embellishments that are much more elaborate for my taste, but there are some very knitterly edges that would be the perfect touches to set off a shawl or sweater.

The very last section is Closures! This is quite interesting because of all the recent problems I’ve had with buttons and zippers. There are really creative buttonholes that would probably add more structure and cause less pulling at the button band.

Another awesome book by Nicky Epstein, I really enjoyed every one that I read. They will be extremely useful when modifying patterns to my own specific tastes!