A Comedy of Errors

The title of this post describes my entire last week. It was really quite intense with zero down time and there were a couple situations that were simply ridiculous! The parking debacle was mostly funny, the re-skeining was harrowing and the family coordination meeting was just exhausting.

Stress Week
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For the parking story, let’s protect identities and call our friend Alex. Alex messaged Paul in the morning asking for directions to the Appleby Go station. If you have ever been to the Burlington Go Station on Appleby, you’ll know that it looks like you are driving out into the middle of nowhere until the last of the buildings clear and you see the Go Station. Alex thought ‘Oh crap, I’ve missed it or I’m in the wrong place!’ and immediately turned the car around to drive to the Go Station on the other side of town.

This particular Go Station is more obvious and people drive by it a lot more. There are many retail stores in that area. However, this station is under construction so the parking lot is a quarter of the size it usually is. On a Monday at 8am this parking lot is, of course, PACKED. After circling for a few minutes Alex decided to make a parking spot in the corner of the lot. The train was coming and there wasn’t time to be wishy-washy about it. No one was blocked in or trapped and all emergency zones were still accessible.  It really wasn’t too bad.

Alex’s partner then messaged Paul and asked if we could move the car into a real parking spot on our lunch break. Paul and I made our way over to Burlington Go and found the car in the back corner of the lot. I was backing it out and Paul was guiding me.

I honestly think one of the cars left and another one took it’s place because there was no way that car was fitting out. I messaged Alex and said “If it makes you feel any better it is physically impossible for you to be towed”. I am sure that comment helped.

Paul and I were not going to be able to get it out without losing a significant amount of paint so we left it there and had lunch. As soon as I got back to work I realized I had left my purse in Alex’s car; on the passenger seat in plain view. At first I thought that I didn’t need anything from it so it would be fine, but I didn’t want Alex’s car to be damaged because I left my purse there. I explained everything to my manager and she graciously let me go grab it. Both the cars were still there so the car continued to be stuck.

I swung by after work and one of the cars had moved so I put the car in the real parking spot right beside. I messaged Alex to see if I could leave the key locked inside so it wouldn’t be necessary to make an extra trip. At this point, my day had been hectic, but not bad. Alex on the other hand, had gotten on the wrong train, went from Toronto all the way over to Brampton. There is no train from Brampton to Burlington, but there is a bus. In the end, what should have been a 1 hour train ride turned into a 3 hour bus and train tour of the landscape between the three cities. Alex ended up at a carpool parking lot near Dundas Street and had to be picked up, and then driven over to Burlington Go for the car.

Paul and I went over to console, because it was just one of those Monday’s. We bathed in the glory of sweatpants, Chinese food and wine.

The re-skeining I would really love to not re-live, but I will post about it next week with all possible advice I can give when you horribly tangle your yarn.

There was also the family co-ordination meeting, which I won’t say much about except it was exhausting. There is a custody issue being sorted within my family right now. I essentially mediated a meeting between two sides that cannot have a civil conversation together; never mind trying to talk about a trigger topic. That meeting consumed about eight hours of my Saturday and Paul and I spent the previous night at my parents’ house.

Wish me luck going into the next week! I really hope I don’t need it and I will be able to get a little bit more knitting done!