Latex and Lace

The past week has been so insane! I’ve been so busy I didn’t even have time to knit at all last week. You know I am busy when there is absolutely no knitting! I shouldn’t say absolutely no knitting because I did get a bit of a chance on the weekend when Paul and I went to my parents place. They have no internet there so you cannot lose as much time to the black hole that is facebook, Etsy, youtube, and what not. I will put a disclaimer here that blogs do not count as a waste of time… in my unbiased opinion.

What took up a majority of my time last week was dyieng. This was the first time I really dyed things on a larger scale. As you can expect, there were some tools I needed and others I had to replace but it went as smoothly as you could expect.

Dye Set Up
Michelle | Stitches be Slippin

One story I will share with you is how I narrowed down the type of gloves I was using. At Home Depot I bought three kinds of gloves, vinyl, nitrile, and latex. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with gloves so I couldn’t tell which ones would be the best, so I got a small package of each and tried them all. The vinyl, which was the suggested glove type, leaked. I love dark and vibrant colours so it was pretty obvious when the gloves weren’t working. After I stripped them off my hands were covered in colour. Thank goodness for rubbing alcohol! It takes the colour off, for the most part.

Next up was the nitrile gloves. They were blue, which I liked, but that is superficial. I wouldn’t actually choose a glove based on colour alone. They worked out well, no leaking, I could feel the yarn through the gloves and everything. Awesome!

Dyeing Lazer LemonMichelle | Stitches be Slippin

Last up was the latex. I tried these out this past week. I only used them once because, as obvious as it sounds, they were very slippery when wet. Whenever I was trying to open a jar or hold onto the tongs, things kept slipping! I actually threw away the rest of them, went out and bought more nitrile gloves.

I’ve told this story to a few people and all of them have laughed at me. I thought I would share the joy of latex gloves with everyone, not simply for the humourous value, but as a cautionary tale. I was almost burned or dropped things at an inopportune moment because those gloves had zero grip.

Aside from the latex debacle, the dyeing went very well. It was a lot of fun and all new yarn! One of my favourites was the lace! I know… words you never thought you would see in the same sentence!  Someone buy a lottery ticket because the stars have aligned!

Yarns Dusk FilterMichelle | Stitches be Slippin

The lace is a silk and merino wool blend. It is amazingly soft and took the dye really well. There was a bit of a problem with the blue, but that was my fault. I was trying to dye too much at one time and the dye couldn’t reach every part of the skein. It was simple to fix though, I just separated them into different pots and added more dye.

I am really excited about all these new yarns! They’re all so lovely I am going to have trouble parting with them. The colours were very festive, with Easter coming up I did orange, yellow, purple, blue and green. As I was dyeing all these skeins of yarn I was thinking to myself, “Man! I am going to be a whiz with eggs this year!”

Finished Product
Michelle | Stitches be Slippin

For now I am just waiting on more yarn of an undyed nature, I think it should be here today. I can’t wait to get my hands on more. I also ordered a couple more dyes. The lighter colours like yellow go really fast! You have to add more dye in order to get a bright colour. I think I should probably make some softer yellow ones as well. We shall see. I will keep you updated on the dyeing; perhaps next time I will take a picture of myself in the lab coat I wear for dying. I have had many requests to see me in all my mad scientist glory.