Monday Mishaps: The Julissa

I remember immediately after I finished the Julissa, I wrote about a couple of the problems I was having with the raglan decrease. I absolutely LOVE this sweater pattern and really wanted it to be perfect. As a result I ended up having to rip out the decrease at LEAST three times.

PJ Julissa Front

 It’s knit from the top down with a beautiful raglan decrease. There is a really attractive line running down the shoulders. When I started my decrease, I didn’t think it was going to make the same line. In the beginning I was just K2TOG K1 SSK. There was something of a line but it was not the very pretty line from the picture of the FO. I thought it might even out in a couple inches, because sometimes that happens! It really didn’t, so I ripped out those couple inches of work and started over.

PJ Julissa Shoulder Line

 The first time around I thought I was getting my K2TOG and SSK mixed up. This would make it look funny, so I clearly marked everything. The purple markers are K2TOG and the blue are SSK, there is no way I could confuse this… right? It worked well, insomuch as I did not confuse my stitches, BUT the decrease looked exactly the same. Facepalm.

Now that I had knit it twice I decided I had to think outside the pattern. There is a CLEARLY defined line down the decrease. What would cause that? A slipped stitch! So I actually needed to K2TOG S1 SSK. There was my wonderful line running down the decrease. Now you’re thinking, “What? That can’t be it! That was nothing!” You would be correct, I did have to rip it out one more time. Since the stitches were slipped instead of knit, those stitches are tighter than the rest; which caused the fabric to bunch around the shoulders and armpit.

Sigh, once more I ripped out SEVERAL inches of work to start again. As I worked on this I had to watch my tension very carefully and be sure my decreases would lay flat. After the neckline the rest of the sweater was cake. That is even including the cabled plaits down the sleeves.

PJ Julissa

 I know it doesn’t seem like too much, but as I was knitting said neckline, I was also knitting a lace pattern on the front. Each time I ripped out a couple inches of wrong decreases, I also ripped out a couple inches of lace patterning and as we all know… lace and I are not friends.