Seven Month Wedding Update

It has been a little while since I updated everyone on the state of wedding planning. I try not to do this too much because I know that not everyone is interested, but when I read blogs, some of my favourite posts are the personal ones. They just add another layer to the writing and helps everyone remember that there is an actual person behind the post.

Anniversary Selfie

The wedding is coming up fast, as of the 18th we passed the seven month mark. All the fine details are starting to get all ironed out. I was actually slightly panicked before Paul, our wedding planner Meagan and I went to our menu tasting. I kept thinking that we have none of the fine details figured out and we still needed to do things like center pieces, menus, etc. My head was starting to spin with all the work that still needed to be done and I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I simmered down and we went to the tasting. It was pretty good; we managed to pick out our menu and wines with minimal trouble. Afterwards, the wedding coordinator for the venue came and sat with the three of us to get something of a timeline down. There were a lot of decisions made that night, and the coordinator got the information she needed to give us a more solid quote.

Tasting Picture

Our table at the tasting.

On the way out of the building I mentioned to Meagan that I was a little apprehensive about all the work that was still to come. She kinda said, “What are you talking about, there is so much already done.” As she started listing things off, I realized she had been asking small things of me every now and again that helped with those details. The centerpieces were close to done, and all sorts of small details had been grafted together into a coherent picture. I had been planning things without even knowing it. Clever clever, what a perfect way to get information but not overwhelm.

A few days later Meagan emailed the quote to us and prefaced it by saying she was a little concerned about the price. It was fully double what the original quote was supposed to be. After my simultaneous aneurism and heart attack, I emailed back and started the list of things we can cut. However, Meagan put a hold on that and went back to get us a better price. I am really glad I have her to take care of things like that; getting someone who knows the ins and outs of weddings is 100% worth every penny.

I was getting too frazzled with this process so I handed that one to Paul, he is better at that kind of thing anyway. I had made my preferences known and what I was willing to live without. I am sure he will do a much better job than I would at this point anyway.

Paul and I also booked out honeymoon! The first week we are going to Chicago again. Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2014 is the weekend after the wedding, so we’ll be there for the week before and have time for the conference over the weekend. We enjoyed the city so much the last time that I couldn’t wait to go back! The list of things to see and do only got larger no matter how many things we saw. There is also Vapianos to look forward to! My mouth just started watering, you should never write about delicious food while hungry; its’ just painful.

Vapiano 2

For the second week we are going to the Sandals resort in Antigua.  Anyone I tell asks me where Antigua is and I simply respond with, “warm.” It’s actually near the Dominican Republic. I’ve never had a resort vacation and I am really looking forward to it. I think it will be especially necessary after spending the week touring around Chicago and conventioning. This cold has gotten to me and I’ve been dreaming about warm sunlit beaches for a couple weeks now. Marianne will laugh at me since I caught the travel bug just like she said I would. In all fairness I thought I would catch it too, so I delayed traveling as long as I could. Once you’ve been bitten on the other hand, it’s a life-long condition.

Aside from this post, I think the last thing I updated everyone on was the ‘Save the Date’ postcards. Those have been ordered and we are just finalizing the guest list trying to get out numbers figured out. Right after the postcards I am going to figure out the invitations themselves. Since having invitations made was so expensive, I am going to work on them myself. I am not completely sure if this is a good idea or not.

Paper crafts are not where my creative skills lie, and you can’t exactly knit invitations. That wouldn’t be keeping with our theme anyway. I think I have found something on Etsy that looks promising. There will be pictures and messages when it comes through; IF it comes through.

That is the next big thing on my to-do list, invitations!