A FO and Ribbing Re-do

Happy Wednesday!  It’s the half point of the week and I’ve got some finished objects for you; some you’ve even seen before. I’ve finished Patty’s daughters socks and started the socks for Jennie.

Patty Royal

I am really REALLY happy with the colours of Jennie’s socks so far. They are so vivid and wonderful. These socks are by far my favourite so far. I may have to make myself a pair after I am finished with these ones!

Jennie Socks

My next finished object is the coolbreeze sweater. I had to re-do the button band, it’s officially finished now. I decided to sew in a zipper because the buttons were not working out well.

Coolbreeze Zipper

Luckily I found a zipper that was very close to the colour of yarn I used. As you can see it is almost invisible. This way the zipper pulls the sweater shut evenly and everyone can still admire my beautiful buttons. Since everyone teased me mercilessly for buying such expensive buttons… even though they were perfect for this sweater and had to be bought! There was no other way except to make the zipper hidden. I’ve just got to iron out some of the ribbing around the collar so it will actually lay flat. Then it will truly be complete!

Coolbreeze Zipper Birdseye

Aside from these FO’s I am waiting on another shipment of yarn to dye. Hopefully it will be in soon and I can commence with my blue and purple socks!!