Socks and Servers

Well my friends, here is the labour from the past week of my life! The new website!

Blogger wasn’t quite meeting my needs anymore so I decided to upgrade. However doing so meant I had to switch to WordPress. While I have heard that WP was significantly superior to Blogger, I was used to using Blogger and now had to completely re-learn the entire system. Along with importing my old blog and building a website for scratch it was a very steep learning curve.

I would like to thank Heather Ordover for her invaluable help and patience with my questions! Heather produces a podcast called CraftLit, which is fantastic! I’ve started listening from the beginning; the first book is Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. All the historical tidbits and information about the life and times of the authors really adds a depth to the books and short stories she shares with us. It really appeals to the English major in me. All the stories she plays are in the public domain, which means the intellectual property rights have either expired or are no longer applicable. In layman’s terms it means we get to read all the classics… well maybe not ALL of them but, you get my point.

HD Sock Blue

I’ve been making tracks on the socks I dyed the yarn for. I am coming up on completing the second one! I made them quite a bit skinnier than the other socks I have made so far. As I wear some of the older ones, they stretch out and become too big as the day goes on; so these ones will stay up longer.

The yarn dyeing is going well and Alanna will be over sometime soon so I can teach her how to dye. It should be interesting to say the least; I’ll give a post about how it goes after this scheme has come to fruition!