Short but Sweet

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! I went dress shopping with half my bridesmaids this weekend. I’m taking the other half next weekend, and I hope we have just as much success as the first group. All my girls are going to wear different dresses in the same green. This is basically an exercise in ‘find a dress you like’ and ‘order it in green’. Lets hope everyone finds something they like next weekend as well!

I’ve been a busy little dyeing bee. I managed to dye the rest of my sock yarn! I got some beautiful colours and experimented with the colouring process.

I ordered more of the sock yarn with some different colour dyes. I realized I didn’t have any purple, which should really be a crime. I am anxiously awaiting my deliveries!

I also cast on a pair of socks from the blue I dyed last time! I am not very far on them, but they are working up nicely! I can’t wait for another pair of hand dyed socks!

There really hasn’t been much more than that to report, so I will keep knitting in hopes of featuring a finished object soon!