Dear Dyery

I am happy to announce, I’ve dyed my first skein of yarn… at home… with my own tools… you know what I mean.

It was so much fun! I was a bit apprehensive about messing things up since I’ve never mixed dyestock myself, but it went okay. I would call it a success; I really love the colour I ended up with.
After some consulting with my own personal chemist, we’ve managed to tweak the process a bit in order to simplify the process. I think it will work in our favour.
I’ve been going over my notes from Chicago and New York, trying to remember what I managed to learn. It’s a good thing I took so many notes, or I would be totally lost. That being said, sometimes I stopped in the middle of a thought or made vague points along a separate train of thought.
I am resolute to be more specific in my dyeing notes this time. I bought a notebook that I have labeled my ‘dyery’, that way, I will be able to remember exactly what I did.
I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Mine was really good, Paul surprised me with a charm for my Pandora bracelet, and had flowers delivered to me at work. It was a really nice surprise, especially since we agreed to give each other a wedding for all holidays and events.
I did not manage to get a photo of the beautiful flowers that were sent to me, and now they’re starting to look a little… relaxed. You’ll just have to trust me that they were vibrant, colourful, and lovely.
My parents were down this weekend for my Dad’s birthday, he actually liked the socks I made for him; the colour and the socks themselves. I believe the sum total of words said were ‘I actually don’t mind this colour’ and ‘these are actually pretty comfortable’. Which, if you knew my Dad, is pretty much gushing praise for him. I am still working on Paul’s version, I am not completely sure I will have enough yarn, a trip to the LYS may be in my future to complete these bad boys…