Sensational Stockings

You will all gasp in surprise when I tell you I have another FO for you! Are you ready?

They are the socks for my Dad’s Birthday. That’s not until next weekend, but I feel better for completing it now. It has been a bad couple of weeks for headaches and brain damage in general. I kept messing up the pattern on these vanilla socks, if that doesn’t tell you how bad it is…
Since Paul was my size tester as I knit these socks, I am going to make him a pair of his own. I’ve got leftover yarn from my Dad’s socks, so they can be matching! Luckily, Paul and my father live so far apart; they will probably never wear them on the same day. I also assume wearing the same thing to an event isn’t as big a deal for guys as it is for women… right?
They knit up so quickly it feels like cheating. Hopefully I’ll finish Paul’s pair in short order and be able to move onto other UFO’s… or dyeing. I ordered some dye and yarn; I just got the dye in the mail. The yarn should be here next week. I’ll update as soon as it is in!!