Final Day for NYC

This morning we slept in until 9:30AM!! It really didn’t feel like a sleep in, but it was a lot better than getting up in time for classes again.

For breakfast we did the buffet in the hotel. It was really good! There was an omelet station and every other breakfast food under the sun. There were doughnut holes, or timbits to Canadians, and I watched an eight or nine year old girl pile her plate with them. The look on her mother’s face was priceless. Paul and I managed to squeeze some fruit and veggies in.
We drove by the Museum of Natural History, you know, where Ross Geller works.

We drove by the Museum of Natural History, you know, where Ross Geller works.

After a HUGE breakfast, Paul and I checked out of the hotel and headed down to the MET. I am not going to go into everything we looked at because A) there was a lot of it and B) I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t gone yet. I’ll just say; it’s worth a visit.
You've heard of the world's tiniest violin, playing for you? Paul and I found it at the MET.

You’ve heard of the world’s tiniest violin, playing for you?
Paul and I found it at the MET.

By the time we got through the MET, it was time to head back to the hotel and grab our stuff. We took a taxi to meet the air port transport, took the air transport to the air port and started getting checked in.
While Paul and I were waiting in the security line, I noticed a woman in the adjacent line with a short-sleeved cardigan. I was looking at it and I thought it looked handmade. I caught her eye and asked if she made it herself, when she answered in the affirmative, I asked if the ladies were coming from Vogue Knitting Live? As it turns out we were both coming from the Marriot Marquis. They were really friendly and even though we only talked for a couple minutes, it was really nice to connect with new knitters. I love it when you meet a co-knitter in a random place. I feel like we are part of a secret club. I really hope they add me to Ravelry, I find it really interesting to link up with people on the other side of the country. Everyone always has different ideas about yarns, patterns and techniques, depending on where they’re from.
The plane ride was uneventful; I got quite a bit of sock knitting done while we were waiting, and on the flight. I actually had to rip out a few rows because I decreased way too much. I guess I went on auto pilot for a while, so I had to puck up 64 teeny tiny sock stitches on a plane; while in flight. I’ve been listening to the Knit More Girls podcasts lately and they always have a segment entitled, ‘When Knitting Attacks’. This was my knitting attacking.
Paul’s brother was waiting to pick us up from the airport.
NOW! Paul and I have a colleague at work, who was telling us about Mighty Taco in the weeks preceding our departure. Dino, mission completed. On the way home form the airport, we stopped at a Mighty Taco. I didn’t manage to get any before photos, but here is the aftermath.
We all made a pit stop at the washroom in Mighty Taco, and on the way home, Paul’s brother said, “Man, I bet the people that work there see some TRULY horrible things in that washroom.” After which, there was a slight pause, and we all exploded with laughter. I would suppose a fast food taco place would rank in the top ten washrooms you should be very careful visiting.
The border was a breeze and we were able to get to Paul’s parent’s place in St. Catharines. Of course, the instant we walked in, we were fed. Paul’s mom had put together enough Vietnamese food to feed a family much larger than Paul and I. We got to catch up with them while Paul and I ate.

Obviously the best part was getting to see Paul’s youngest brother Patrick, HI PAT!!! I am currently writing this post in the car on the way home from their house. I haven’t completely decided if I am going to post the photo I snapped of Pat before we left. I think I will wait to see if it is a good quality photo. I do hate posting blurry photos.

Oh Pat, you're lucky enough that I needed one more photo to round the layout of the page.

Oh Pat, you’re lucky enough that I needed one more photo to round the layout of the page.

I am looking forward to being home and seeing the cats. Hopefully they’re happy to see us and don’t give any attitude. No one gives the cold shoulder like a Siamese. I am just going to pet the cats and go to bed. There will be no semblance of unpacking tonight; just sleep. I’ll get to those bits tomorrow after work.
I may wait until Friday to post again. It really depends on my progress of the Coolbreeze Cardigan. I am actually thinking about doing it with elbow length sleeves. After attending Amy Hurzog’s lecture about knitting to flatter, it might look best on me. I think I will poll the ladies at my LYS and see what the general consensus is. Anyone who has an opinion, please comment and let me know what you think!