Day Four NYC

Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2014 is officially concluded! Today was long and exhausting, but it was still worth it. I am really not sure how I am going to fare at work on Tuesday… lots of caffeine perhaps….

Time Square

This morning I had a class that taught us to design patterns using variegated yarns. The instructor was Louisa Harding, and the course was geared more towards long colour shifts and creating symmetrical garments. I did pick out a few things from her samples that I can’t wait to knit. This would, of course, involve finishing off my current queue entirely… said no knitter ever. Happy thoughts though; I may be able to get it down to a reasonable amount, if I don’t eat, sleep or work for the next couple months, or years.

After class Paul and I went for lunch at the Olive Garden. Those who know me are rolling their eyes, because they know my love of bread sticks, and pasta. I returned to the hotel in a carb infused haze, and fought the itis to learn short rows. I had to run up to the coffee shop at break to make it through.


Short Row Saavy was with Laura Bryant, again. It was a much bigger class, but she was just as charming, if a little more stressed. I caught onto short rows fairly quickly and plan on making many a bust dart in the future. I am sure this will be one of those skills you kick yourself for not getting into sooner.

After my last class, I went back to the room and stared blankly into space for a little bit. After that I managed to compose myself enough to start this post, and picked up my socks again. The socks I am knitting with the hand dyed yarn from Chicago. I managed to turn the heel and start on the gusset. I didn’t really think the stripes through. All these classes on designing with variegated yarns and I didn’t realize that I would have much thicker stripes on the heel since I was only working back and forth. I am going to play my extreme fatigue card on that one. I brought this sock around with me for mindless knitting while I was waiting for classes to start, or in the airport.
Around 7pm Paul and I went for dinner. We decided to go to Virgil’s just off Broadway and 44th Street. I heard someone in one of my classes recommending it, but I couldn’t remember what it was called. When I googled ‘best places to eat in time square’ it was on the list and I recognized the name. This was by far the best BBQ joint I have ever been to. First of all, it took about 10 minutes for our food to come out. I wish I had timed it because I KNOW we spent longer deciding what to have than waiting for it.


Paul ordered oh so eloquently named ‘Pig Out’ which consisted of a little bit of ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken and brisket with two sides. I ordered the grilled chicken salad. I was a little apprehensive about getting a salad. Not only because there is the potential of being mocked for all eternity, but sometimes restaurants specializing in grilled meats don’t have the best salad. I fretted and worried that I was going to get a plate of iceberg lettuce with some sad looking bagged bacon bits. I was very VERY pleasantly surprised! Not only was it a mixed green salad with romaine and baby spinach, but it was huge. I actually feel quite comfortable calling it a ‘man’s’ salad. The bacon bits were square inch CHUNKS of bacon, the chicken was grilled to perfection and seasoned. There was fresh avocado, cucumber, tomatoes and grilled onion. At first I thought the grilled onion would be strange, but they were at the perfect point of not too soft and not too crunchy. Paul and I shared his platter and my salad, so I got to try all the meat. It was perfect! The ribs were char grilled, which is different from what I am used to, but amazing nonetheless. I got to try brisket, which was a first for me, and I liked it. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the city.
Left: Paul and I at the M&M Store with Red Right: Swarovski encrusted leather jacket... for real.

Left: Paul and I at the M&M Store with Red
Right: Swarovski encrusted leather jacket… for real.

After dinner we walked around and picked up some souvenirs for family, stopped at starbucks and headed back to the hotel. I started hitting that impenetrable wall of tiredness in the hallway leading to our room. Paul was walking ahead of me and just kept getting further and further ahead. Either he was deliberately messing with me, or I am ready for bedtime. Without further ado, I wish to you. Goodnight!