Honourable Mentions

Now that I am going to start a 2014 Finished Objects I realized there are previous projects that I really love and haven’t shown you. The first one is one of the most complemented pieces of knitting I have, my fiddlehead mittens.

It was a kit from Tanis Fiber Arts I had been circling for a couple months. I always thought I wasn’t ready; I wasn’t good enough to try them yet. I held off buying them, but still hung around them like some kind of yarn-obsessed vulture. Paul surprised me for my birthday by buying the kit. Even after I had the kit, I held off starting it until around October; probably around the time when weather started cooling off.
I was able to take a look at a demo mitten; they were lined, thick, and plush. Finally, I wanted the mittens more than I was scared to start the pattern. I just thought, “I can search anything I don’t understand.”
I think this was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much while knitting these mittens, but the most important thing I learned; the pattern was a lot easier than it looked. I was so intimidated by it, but once I started, it flowed so easily.
This is also one of the pieces I am most proud of. After I had finished it I was so pleased with the result and had worked really hard on them. Now, whenever people find out I knit, they look at my mittens and say, “Oh my god, did you MAKE those?!”
This was an absolutely pivotal moment in my knitting career, because I am now no longer intimidated to try things. If I look at a pattern and think it looks really complicated, I break it down in my mind. Yes the overall effect is beautiful and very complicated looking, but the pattern itself isn’t that bad. Now, I just fling myself into a pattern with wild abandon.
I’ve seen moments like these with other people. I know Alanna was going to start a colour-work hat, but felt a little apprehensive about starting. I gave her the best advice I could, “Just start it.”