Happy New Year!!

Well, 2014 has finally arrived and I’ve got big plans for this year! I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions, but I am making an exception this year! There are too many things going on to leave things up to fate.

I managed to only get a few photos on New Years Eve and only of the cats.
Sass managed to have a great time!

One of the many things I am planning for 2014 is Vogue Knitting Live (among other events). I had such a great time in Chicago and learned so much. I love interacting with knitters on a scale that large. I am going to make the effort to go to as many of these events as possible. I’ve already signed up for Vogue Knitting Live in New York for January, and I am already on the look out for the next big knitting adventure! If anyone knows of any, please link me in the comments. I am always interested and quite possibly am not aware of said event!
Part of my desire to attend more knitting events has to do with dyeing my own yarn. I’ve designed several patterns and knit hundreds by other people, but the thing that really makes a knitted garment is the yarn. That is why most of us search all over the place for the perfect fiber for our projects. I feel like this is an important part of the creative process I have left, largely, untapped. As you know, in Chicago, I took a class that had to do with dyeing my own skein of super wash sock yarn (I am currently knitting the socks). The things you would be able to do with your own yarn colours would be endless and, not to mention, endlessly amazing! You could take colours from everyday life and impose them upon yarn! For example, I have a Siamese cat; she has the most beautiful tan and chocolate fur with stunning blue eyes. I could put that into a yarn. Impress her warm soft fur and gorgeous colouring onto something I could enjoy forever. This is only one example, and something relatively specific to me, but it is so inspiring! I have a small book that I have been writing down colour combinations in. I really want to experiment with this, have fun and create something beautiful, which is really the ultimate point of all this, right?
Just think, this is only the first goal.
Secondly! As most of you know, Paul and I will be getting married on October 18. The wedding count down has begun. Let’s be honest, it actually began at the one-year mark, but there has been too many other things going on to really sit down and properly stress out about it.
Since I am cleared to resume exercising, I plan to get right back into the gym. I’ve had such a long hiatus I am really not sure where to begin again. Since we are now 290 days away from ultimate fitness deadline, there is going to be some really intense planning put into this.

This is my biggest wedding worry; everything else is being taken care of with relatively low stress. My wonderful wedding planner keeps me in line and reminds me when I need to send over dates, forms, music requests, contracts, deposits, menu selections, colour swatches… and all manner of things. I am so glad I decided to hire a professional; I think I would have lost my mind without her. Thank you Meagan!!

Those are the two huge things in my life that currently need the structure of a plan. I have lots of little sub-plans within these categories, but I would not want to bore you with the monotony of those lists. Seeing as I haven’t delved into that particular can of worms yet… I see no reason to subject unsuspecting readers to it either.
I will update again on Friday, as per usual, with what has been going on. If you’re ever curious between blog posts, feel free to friend me on Ravelry, or follow me on twitter and instagram. There are links on the right side of this page.

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