Giving Thanks for Yarn

The end of another week. I am finally beginning to feel human again after spending such a long weekend traveling and waiting in a hospital. Wednesday was a quiet night at home and Thursday was a much MUCH needed girls night in at Alanna’s. Wine and knitting, how could that ever be wrong?

Now I need to get ready for this weekend. I am hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party for around 20 people. This tradition started last year because some friends and I thought it was shame we couldn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner with each other. On Thanksgiving, everyone is always really busy with family engagements. Since there isn’t an excuse to eat turkey in November, everyone thought it would be a good time to have this event. We ended up planning it around American Thanksgiving. Last year there were only seven or eight of us, but it was a great time. This year we have more than doubled that number and I am sure we will have more fun than last year.
It is also a good time for the members of our wedding party to meet each other. Paul’s groomsmen sort of know each other, his two brothers and two high school friends were all relatively close, but there are two more that weren’t really in the same circle. I don’t think many of my bridesmaids know each other. They may have met once or twice, but Marianne and Alanna are the only two with more than a passing acquaintance with one another.
We’ve also invited our neighbours, they’re around our age and I am looking forward to getting to know them. They’re around our age and she knits!
Speaking of knitting, I’ve been getting along on my gradient socks. I finished one earlier this week and am making some serious headway on the second one. I really love the gradient, it is subtle, but adds an extra something that takes away the plainness of the sock and makes it interesting.
As for grandma’s sweater, now that I am feeling a bit better, I may keep plugging away at them. When you’re tired, never EVER attempt a complicated cable pattern. It is just a recipe for disaster.
Although I’ve only been able to work on it here and there, I am surprised to see I am almost up to the armholes. Once that is done I will start on the front… or maybe I should do the back of the other sweater? I am not sure if I should complete one whole sweater and start on the next or do both together. If I completely finish one, it might be very depressing to return to the beginning of the project… Any thoughts?