Day Six!

Today Paul and I visited the Field Museaum, John G. Shedd Aquarium and the planetarium. With our Go Chicago pass we were able to get into all three exhibits just by scanning the email we received.

First and foremost there should be a photo of the beautiful gemstone display at the Field Museum.

I forgot just how exhausting it is to go museuming all day. Especially with the Field museum, there were small children on school trips running around and yelling.
We got into two special exhibits; one about soil and one about creatures that produce their own light. The light exhibit was fascinating; no one was allowed to take photos so there is no evidence. It mainly talked about how creatures produce their own light, fireflies, fish, worms. It was mostly sea creatures that were able to produce their own light, and some were even able to borrow other fish’s light. By borrow, I of course mean they would eat the light up fish and their bellies would glow.
The soil exhibit was not very interesting to me. As the daughter of a long line of farmers, I know the importance of soil, I know there are many things we would go without if there were no soil left on the planet. I know there are plants which enrich the soil and there are plants that take nutrients from the soil AND that you should alternate them. The thinly veiled environmental message was not lost on me, but I already knew a great deal about the facts they had addressed.

There were, of course, dinosaurs.

I found the Ancient Egypt exhibits really interesting. When I was younger, ancient Egypt was a culture I was totally fascinated by. This may or may not have been helped along by the fact that they worshipped cats…
I used to read factual books about the culture, their gods, traditions and customs; as well as watching any kind of documentary about tomb excavations and mummification. I believe at one point I wanted to be an archeologist, but someone explained to me that they mostly sift a lot of sand and find very little. To my eleven-year-old mind, this sounded very boring, so I moved on to my next passion, oceanography. That one may have actually lasted a couple years.
I still nurse an avid curiosity about the bottom of our oceans, which may be the reason I am so fascinated with aquariums. The Shedd Aquarium had so much more than fish! There were lots of frogs, an anaconda, spiders, ducks, lizards and a few other random creatures (not in the same exhibits).
The Shedd Aquarium actually had dolphins, beluga whales and penguins too. I can’t remember the last time I saw penguins, but these ones were really cute, they looked kind of like little ducks in tuxedos. There were a couple sea lions as well, but they didn’t really come up out of the water. They were swimming around playing and would only come up for the briefest moments to breath.
The planetarium was okay, we watched a movie about the seasonal constellations currently in our skies. We checked out some of the displays with some antique telescopes, but there wasn’t anything too cool that jumped out at me.

Thermal imager in the planetarium.
Paul is not going supernova, there was just a bit of glare…

That was our day! Tomorrow we are renting a car to check out some places that were further away and would have taken exuberant taxi fees to see. We also have a ghost tour planned for the evening at 7pm. I am really looking forward to that because I’ve heard Chicago has some vey famous haunted buildings. We shall see!