Day Four!

Today was the last day of Vogue Knitting Live; last classes, last trips to the market place, goodbyes. It was a great day though!

In the morning I had Fingers First with Amy Detjen. We learned how to do gloves (not mittens) from the fingers down. By doing the fingers first, you get a better fit to your whole glove. I was a little nervous about this class because I’ve never done gloves before. I’ve done mittens yes, relatively complicated mittens too. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. We were asked to bring a 5X5 gauge swatch and 400-500 yards of fingering or sport weight yarn. I picked Dye-version sock yarn in the colour Morgan LeFay. It is a cool green and purple colour. I ended up bringing two skeins because I didn’t want to run out during class. I really don’t think I am going to need two. I guess I will have to make a hat… and scarf… and Paul a matching set. Oh well, tis the nature of the knitting beast, and lets be honest… can a person really have too much yarn?
 Any way, I LOVED Amy’s class, she had so many little tips and original ideas I am going to use in my every day knitting. I am also totally in love with gloves now too. The way Amy taught them… they’re shockingly easy.
I am very close to being done my glove that I started in class. I don’t think I will be able to stop. After class I was in the marketplace scouting out appropriate glove yarns. I ended up buying a couple skeins from Nerd Girl Yarns that would work well. They’re Supernatural themed, I know Anthony will be jealous of my Gank Demons gloves. Muahahahaha eat your heart out Mr. I-can-buy-that-in-a-store.
After getting some Shibui yarn in their beautiful colour UV (really intense purple), Paul and I went out for the obligatory Chicago deep-dish pizza. It was massive. Together we could not finish a 9” pizza, although I really thought of it as more of a quiche, or a quicha.
During lunch Paul and I talked about the itinerary for the next few days and if we should go back to the marketplace once more before it closed. I ended up going back again for a second round while Paul took some of my yarn to the balling station. This way, I have the opportunity to cast on while I am here.
At the Knitche booth, I bought more yarn for another gradient scarf… or two. Kathy’s employee Amanda tried really hard to sell me on the colour honey. Apparently if the bag was not opened, she may not have had the opportunity to buy a skein either. I wasn’t completely sold on it at first, but it ended up working so well in my colour combinations I got two. I don’t know if Kathy was more likely to throw Amanda or myself out of her booth by the scruff of the neck. I guess I had the advantage of being a customer while Amanda had no such protections, lol. It was all in good fun. I had such a great time with them every time I visited their booth, which was more often than I could normally afford. Everyone was very helpful and extremely nice, Kathy even took my eight balls of Shibui back to her store to wind them into equal thirds (as called for by the pattern). I will be visiting her store on Wednesday and picking up my yarn before we head home.
The marketplace closed at 4pm and for me, that was the official end of Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2013. I am definitely going to do it again; I met so many people and loved talking to so many different knitters from different backgrounds and experience levels. Each person was different in their own way and had something special to offer to this conference. This is a place where I really feel accepted and competent. I don’t think you know this is a feeling you’re missing until you find it somewhere, and after you’ve found that kind of acceptance, it’s hard to live without. I have no doubt I will see many more Vogue conferences.
For the next few days, Paul and I plan to see the sights. We bought a Chicago Go pass, which gets you into all these different tours, activities, museums, etc. We have two days to see as many as we can. Resting for the rest of tonight was probably a good idea, because we may be very busy in the next couple days.