Day Three!

What an amazing day! It was packed full and I love it!

This morning I almost slept in because I forgot to set an alarm the night before. Thanks to Paul’s quick thinking, his alarm went off. I got in a quick breakfast and headed down to my first class of the day, To Dye For.
This was probably the class I had been looking forward to the most. I have been dying to dye (haha see what I did there) my own yarn. Sometimes, you have something in your head and you just cannot find the yarn you’re imagining. With these skills I will be able to experiment and hopefully find another great creative outlet for myself!

The class was great, not only did we learn about dyeing yarn, but we got the dye a skein in class. We learned how to mix the dye and what ingredients to add for certain effects.

The teacher of the class was a yarn dyer herself. She is the owner of the yarn producer Lorna’s Laces. Although I feel her husband should get an honorable mention since he was the one pulling out all the tables, helping with set up and thoroughly rinsing all the steaming hot yarn. There is a point where you microwave it inside saran wrap to set the colour.
I met so many people in the first class of the day! Everyone got to get up, move around and socialize. I collected cards from a few people and handed out a few of my own. I hope everyone adds me to ravelry! I would love to be friends and creep the projects you are working on.
It was actually in this class that one of the ladies asked if anyone was interested in tickets to the gala. I hesitated because I had not purchased a ticket since this trip was going to be lavish enough as it was, but perhaps they were going on sale. The gala was tonight after all. I cautiously asked how much they were, not wanting to give her false hope if she was supposed to be selling them. In a completely shocking turn of events, she had a ticket that she wasn’t going to use! I stared at her in dumb shock for a couple seconds, and then looked around to see if anyone was going to jump up and claim it. No one did. She explained, she was here with her husband and it was not worth it to get him a ticket and they already had dinner plans. I stutteringly asked if I could pay her for it or give her something. These tickets were expensive! She handed it to me, told me to go and said that would be payment enough. I replaced her ticket with my card and told her to get in touch and that I would write about the gala on here. However, that isn’t happening until later. Muahaha, I know, the suspense is going to kill you.
The class ended a bit early, so I hopped over to the marketplace and checked out the fourth floor. Oh man, it was awesome! The first stall in the door had needle cases on sale. Most sewn needle cases have room for all your needles and accessories, but the pouches are either random sizes or not labeled. I managed to fall in love with two, so I got them both. One is a case for my interchangeable needles and the other is a double pointed needle case with room for a few circulars. With those two cases I can store all my needles!
I also found a booth for Knit Circus! I’ve only seen their yarn on Etsy and I’ve been circling like some kind of crafty vulture. Waiting for the right time. In person I wasn’t able to restrain myself any more and ended up getting two sock cake packages. I am very VERY excited about this. We also talked about how she dyes her yarn and what a huge pain in the neck long gradients are. Knit Circus is the producer of beautiful yarns and has one of the nicest owners I have ever met! I hope we stay in touch!
While I was in the marketplace I scoped out a couple vendors for Johanne. I will bring their cards home and let her check them out. A couple even offered to send packages with samples and price lists.
When my half hour in heaven was up, I came back to the room for lunch with Paul. We had planned to go to this Italian place across the street from the hotel (I know, more, Italian). During the dyeing class, people were talking about it and how amazing the food is. The good reviews kind of sealed the deal for me.
Paul and I just walked over, this restaurant is on the other side of the street immediately after you leave the hotel. When you are greeted by the hostess, they give you a piece of cardboard the size of a Visa. You are instructed to order at the counters and tap the card on the glass when prompted. The chef’s are the ones who take your order, they make the food right there in front of you. You then take your food and your card back to a table of your choice. The cards record everything you’ve ordered with the prices and when you go to leave, that is how you pay. It’s a clever way to run things and the food was really REALLY good. A waitress even circled the floor with desserts!
After that I was off to my next class, Tips and Tricks for more Professional Garments. There was a lot of talk about gauge (theme of the weekend), but we also learned quite a bit about which cast on to use in which situations. Very interesting topic and the class was chocked full of small to medium knitting faux pas that EVERYONE includes in their work.

An example of the cast on taught to us today. It’s hard to make out, but the stitches look rolled at the bottom.
This cuff is totally reversible.

After that class, I had Paul meet me in the marketplace so I didn’t go too crazy. I went back to Nerd Girl Yarns and bought a skein of Tardis coloured yarn. I also entered their giveaway on twitter. We had to post a picture of ourselves with the Nerd Girl mascot. It’s for a free skein, so cross your fingers for me!!
After the marketplace closed at 6:30pm I headed over to the Red Lacquer Room and got in line for the Gala. I met with a couple ladies from my classes and they told me about last year’s gala. Apparently this year lived up to last year and the prizes just as good.

What dinner looked like, for my foodies.

Alice Starmore was the speaker this year; she shared patterns with us from her re-released book Tudor Roses. There are many new patterns as well as updates on the previously released patterns.
Overall, it was a great day! I made a lot of new friends and learned a ton! On the docket for tomorrow; knitting gloves fingers first and the hunt for tiny knitted mochimochi monsters in the marketplace. If you find them, you win a book! I’ll post yet another update tomorrow!