Day Two!

Classes started at 9am today, so I laid out everything the night before. I planned on sleeping until 7:30am, then showering and trudging though the typical morning routine. However, I woke up at 7:20 and could not go back to sleep; I’ve been looking forward to these classes for a long time, I guess I got a little Christmas morning syndrome.

After the morning routine, Paul and I went into the lounge for breakfast. It was a pretty standard small breakfast buffet with, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, French toast, juice, etc. After breakfast, I was extremely antsy to go find my classroom, but it was much too early.
While I went back for another scan of the food, the couple at the next table started talking to Paul. As it turns out, they drove from Arkansas. This was her second year here and we chatted about the differences from last year and all the people you meet at these events. I am eternally grateful that I was able to kill some time talking to them, because I would have been 45 minutes early to my first class. I am really not that keen, I swear!
In class, I sat next to a lovely lady from California. We helped each other out through the class and shared patterns. She also gave me some excellent information on felting.
Snip n’ Zip: Steeks and Zippers, was one of the classes I have been looking forward to the most! Paul prefers cardigans to pullovers, but pullovers are much MUCH easier to knit. Especially when you’re doing any kind of colour work. After this class, I am not longer scared to cut right through the centre of a sweater. I may actually be looking forward to it…

My homework, properly steeked

After class, Paul and I walked down to an Italian restaurant a couple blocks from the hotel. I will tell you this; I have never had such rich alfredo sauce in my whole life, the noodles were made in the restaurant as well. It was amazing pasta and huge portions. I think I gained a whole 10lbs in that one meal. Lets hope touring around the city for the rest of the week will burn off that one meal
The second half of the day was significantly busier. I took Designing you own Sweater pattern at 2pm-5pm, then had to run upstairs quick to scarf down some dinner from the lounge. I made my way to the marketplace and ran around trying to find a ball of solid colour, worsted weight, cotton and one of 100% wool.
You would think this task would be easy at a knitting convention; think again. It is a convention; therefore, retailers brought their specialized products. I saw one booth that sold nothing but silk and cashmere.

Left: Interesting cardigan with entrelac detail
Right: Ribbon yarn

I managed to find a booth with worsted weight cotton, but no wool. I grabbed the cotton in a colour that I can only describe as a dark minty green. One ball down, I started to hunt for the wool. The only booth I found with solid colours and worsted weight, was not actually selling their yarn. They were giving away a free skein with the purchase of their book. The book was only $20, I needed the yarn, and my 6pm class was only minutes from starting. I got it and jogged for my class.
Five ways to Felt 6pm-9pm was taught by a cheerful lady, Shannon Okey, who really knew her stuff when it came to felting fibers. The homework for this class was to knit two 4X4 swatches and wash one on a hot water cycle. I used the Cascade Eco Wool, which is 100% wool and felted very well. Shannon said she purposely made the homework description vague because she wanted the class to see all the different results that come from different wool, water, washing machines, pH levels, soap vs. plain water, etc. There were extremely varying degrees of success; some swatches were shriveled and completely texture less, while others only shrank in size, or had no change at all. My main directive here was to learn about felting in general and how to apply (or not apply) that information to my knitting in general. I picked up a felted toque at the one of a kind festival last year and I love it. This hat is warm and dense, while still being adorable. I did learn the theory on how to make one and will have to apply it at home.

The materials and one finished felting experiment

It was a very interesting class, but it is not something I will be completely engrossed in. I am all about the clean lines and neat edges and while you can make felting neat, that it not the unrefined truth behind it. I will definitely dabble every now and again. Felting strikes me as something my mom would enjoy and find really cool. I’ll have to give her a basic overview and let her take it from there.
Now that my fullest day is over I feel like I will be able to relax into my other classes. There are two tomorrow and one on Sunday. I am really REALLY looking forward to the dying class tomorrow morning. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to give another update tomorrow night.