A Decidedly Nautical Theme

I know this post is going up a bit late, but my week has been so crazy! There were so many things going on that I could not keep track of everything!

Work has been absolutely crazy! It is year-end end so everyone is working extreme hours and trying to get everything clean and clear. It has been a very high stress week in that regard, to the point where I’ve had to prioritize the things I am worrying about. On Wednesday, I was in a minor car accident. It was misting out and the man in front of me stopped suddenly causing me to stop suddenly and slide into the back of him.
There was no damage to my car and a small scratch on his bumper. Luckily a co-worker and friend saw me get out of the car and stopped to offer assistance. We took each other’s insurance information and went on our merry way. This was on my way to work; when I got there I started feeling a bit light headed and nauseous. That’s when it dawned on me, I am recovering from a head injury, I should probably seek medical attention to make sure everything is okay in the attic.
By the end of the day, I had been to a clinic, my chiropractor and had acupuncture done. Everything is fine in my head, but my muscles are a bit sore. That is normal for any low speed accident though.

Needless to say with the stress of work and the events a car accident brings on, I wasn’t feeling too hot. There were a lot of early nights and not much else.
This weekend was the creative festival in Toronto, I go every year with my mother. Usually my parents come down together with my nephew and Paul, my dad and Ethan do man-things for the day. This year my dad had not finished combining the beans on the farm, so he stayed home to do that. That meant Paul was staying home with a two-year-old while mom and I went into Toronto. Everyone survived (including Paul) so I am marking this one in the win column.
I think the creative festival had less yarn and knitting related vendors than last year, but I still managed to find some angora in the same purple as my gradient scarf. I am planning on making a matching hat.

Crochet ocean from one of the booths

Mom found quite a few things to keep her busy since she also quilts, sews and crochets. I did find some cute iron on patterns, and gave the lady who ran the booth a few good ideas for some new designs. As a thank-you for my input she is going to send me one of each of the new designs! I am really excited about that. She said it could take a while, so if it doesn’t come until after Christmas, not to worry.
After the Creative Festival Paul was driving in with Ethan to go to the Ripley’s Aquarium that just opened in Toronto.; it was really interesting. I have a fascination with aquariums and fish; I find it incredible that we know more about outer space than we know about the bottom of our oceans. Although space is empty, so I suppose it is understandable.
There were huge fish tanks, hundreds of thousands of fish and really incredible views. Ethan was completely spellbound, all the colourful fish each tank holding a different resident. The pictures do not do it justice.

There were tanks where you could touch some of the smaller sharks.

With the horrible week and busy weekend I managed to miss my personal deadline of having Carol’s husband sweater done, but not by much. Right now I am finishing off the second sleeve; we’re on the home stretch now people. I will write a short mid-week post for the finishing of Carol’s sweater and the prepping updates for Chicago!