Birthday Glee

It was my 25th birthday on September 20th, lets give three cheers for lower car insurance! I can now rent a car, not that I need to… I just enjoy having the option! I think that is about all the truly exciting things that being 25 has brought; although I can start considering having a quarter-life crisis now. Perhaps the Vogue Knitting Live trip to Chicago is my crisis indulgence? I’ve never been on an airplane and I am sure Chicago will count as the furthest from home I have travelled, that I will be able to recollect. I know my parents travelled with me when I was very small, but they were usually road trips and all I remember of the West Edmonton Mall is not being allowed to go swimming (the wave pool was a bit rough for the very young).

I’ve been sick with a bad cold the past week, so I told Paul that I was reserving the right to postpone my birthday dinner until I was feeling better. We still went to Tucker’s Marketplace for lunch, with Chris from work. You get a free meal on your birthday, so why not? I didn’t eat much, but the food was good.
After lunch I headed to work and received a card signed by our department and a handmade card from a nice lady in the call centre. There were also a few gifts, a KitKat bar, a gift card to home outfitters, and a ball of blue baby yarn. I have no idea who left the yarn, there was no note or card, but I would like to thank him or her. All the usual suspects were not at work during the day!
After work, I definitely reserved the right for birthday dinner on an alternate evening and made myself some oatmeal. Paul and I watched a couple new TV episodes of shows we’ve been sucked into and relaxed a bit. Friday nights are knit nights at Johanne’s; everyone brings a current or easy project and we sit, talk, and knit. I wasn’t feeling the best, but I wanted to go in and say hello, talk for a bit, be social, etc.
Paul offered to drop me off, but I said I would just drive myself, so he wouldn’t have to worry about picking me up later. He was going to go to the gym while I was there, so I conceded since he could drop me off on the way to the gym and pick me up on the way home. As he was dropping me off Paul said he had part of a gift for me. I was puzzled because when I bought my new laptop back in May, we said that was anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and next anniversary. We call a gift for an occasion a ‘credit’; needless to say, I used a few of mine on this computer (I regret NOTHING, this computer is AMAZING). Paul handed me an envelope, which was oh so suavely stashed in the sun visor. It was a gift certificate to Johanne’s.
I asked, “what about my credits?”
To this he shrugged lightly, and said, “I must have had a momentary lapse in memory.”
People, this is why I am marrying this man! The thoughtfulness, not the gifts.
Before getting out of the car, I questioned, “If this is part of a gift, what is the other part?”
He shrugged again, and began getting out of the car as well. I didn’t question this, Paul likes his surprises and no force on hell or Earth can make him tell you before he is ready.
Looking back, the fact that he was going into Johanne’s should have been a clue. He said he was ‘going to visit his peeps’, which I translated into ‘giving Dave some man-time in the est-fest that is Friday night knitting circle’.
Walking in we greeted everyone and I looked for a likely seat to set up a workstation. At this point, Dave rushed over and corralled me into a spot on the other side of the table and started clearing the space in front of me. This was when I got suspicious. They flipped off the lights and Johanne came out of the back with a cake. Everyone sang, I blew out the candles and we served the cake. I got a couple pictures before we cut it.
It was really cute, and I didn’t suspect anything. Thank you Johanne and Dave!!
The rest of the night was business as usual, Alanna even dropped by after she got off the train. It was late, so she had a quick piece of cake and we arranged our breakfast for the next morning. We ended up going to Russell Williams on Plains Road; they have the biggest pancakes I have ever seen in my entire life. I ordered two and couldn’t finish them.
Alanna came to the house to pick me up and brought me a gift. She got me the Tanis Fiber Arts yarn to make the cool breeze sweater!!! I have the pattern and have been dying to make it ever since it was first released. I am having a really hard time not casting on right now. I have many projects to finish before I start more. I keep telling myself this sweater will be my reward for finishing the other projects in my queue.
After breakfast, I came home and Paul and I headed out for my parents place. My brother’s birthday is the 26th and my uncle Steve’s is on the 1st. We usually have one party with the extended family. My Grandmother, Grandpa Bob, and all the aunt, uncles and cousins were there. There were also some unexpected guests.
My mom and nephew found them in the garden; soaking wet and cold. Mom brought them in and dried them off with a hairdryer. They were the main attraction at the party. I think they were a fairly good stand-in for a babysitter, all the younger cousins were holding them to share body heat and warm the poor little things up.

My two-year-old nephew with one of the kittens, he was so great with them.
He knew they were babies and he had to be very gentile.

We all took turns bottle-feeding them every two hours. By the end of the night, they were significantly happier little campers. They were warm, full and sleeping in a tiny kitten cuddle puddle.
My aunt Penny and uncle Don took them home to Windsor. She had just found homes for a litter of kittens and was a bit more equipped to deal with them. She called with an update this morning and said they are all doing fine.

There were four kittens in total, but this one was my favourite.
Do you see the ‘M’ on her forehead? We said she should be named Maestro.

Paul and I also had our engagement photos done on the 19th. I didn’t think it would be as much fun as it was. I didn’t think it would be an onerous chore, but I found it was a good time. Our photographer is great, has a really good sense of humour, which is key since Paul and I are huge goof balls. We had to do a fair amount of pretend laughing and what not; there wasn’t much pretending involved. I just looked at Paul, he would make some face at me and we both burst out laughing.
I’ll post some photos when we get them back in two to three weeks. I am really looking forward to seeing them! I’ll also go into lengthier detail about the photo shoot and the week leading up to it.
Needless to say, with so much going on, I haven’t been overburdened with time to knit. I’ll give an update next week as to what is on the needles; hopefully I’ll have a bit more done and can take some photos.