Indecisiveness is the Spice of Life

I’ve started mom’s hat and scarf. To be honest I have finished the hat and am now just working on the scarf.

I found a hat pattern that has little eyelets, which swirl up from the hem to the top. I used a really small size needle to fit the gage needed for the pattern. You can’t really see that they are eyelets; there is just a hint of the pattern. Although it wish I had altered the amount of stitches needed and had bigger eyelets, the effect is rather interesting.
The scarf is something of my own design… okay, so I picked an interesting stitch and went with it. I made a small garter stitch boarder and then started this mountain and valley stitch. The very first line is easy enough S1 (for the edge), YO,* K4, K2TOG, YO* repeat specified section. Wrong side S1 and purl to end. Right side S1,*YO, Next two stitches go no a cable needle held in back, K1, K2TOG from cable needle, KTBL the SECOND stitch from needle and leave stitch on needle, then KTBL the first stitch on the needle and pull both off* and repeat. Was it just me or was that confusing?! I was looking for an easy stitch that would show up with the black yarn/mohair combo. I guess I don’t really know the definition of easy stitch… For the record, it looks good! Accents the yarn really well.
The mohair makes the Cascade 220 really REALLY soft and fluffy. I absolutely LOVE this combo. I may have some left over; maybe I could make mittens, or fingerless gloves? Mom’s also got some sock yarn to be paired with mohair; it’s going to make some extremely comfy socks.
I developed some project ADD this week and kept going from one thing to the other to another. I’ve ended up starting my grandma’s sweater and the Papaya Shawl from the Year in Colour. I haven’t been working on those too much lately. Since I’ve started work again my headaches have been more intense and more frequent.
Simple projects are the easiest for me to get on board with so far. I started the Tomato Bisque socks with the yarn Mom purchased from the Purple Purl. I did them in a simple rib pattern. The first sock turned out kind of small but I have enough yarn to do two more, so I’ll call that one a test sock. Which is fair because the yarn is so unusual. It is stretchy like elastic so I am trying to use a loose gauge.
As it stands I am trying really hard to focus and complete one project and NOT cast on one more…