The Eagle has Landed

Well seeing as I am waiting for an oil change, what better time for a blog post. First thing first! A photo of the Camping Sweater for my nephew, as promised!
I am done the Eagle Sweater for the gentleman at Johanne’s. It was not entirely difficult to do and my god the yarn was huge!! As Dave, Johanne’s husband, said “it’s just like rope!” Needless to say it knitted up pretty quick.
It is the second Mary Maxim kit I have done in a row. I can safely say that I am not a fan of the pattern style. The instructions are very vague and tell you to repeat a decrease four more times, but not inform you how many stitches you are supposed to have AFTER said decreases are complete.

The knit-in pockets and raglan decrease.

I suppose it is helpful, I have not doubt some day I will write my own patterns and reflect on patterns I liked and disliked. I went into Johanne’s to get advice on putting it all together. The instructions just told you to sew up the raglan seams, sew on the collar and then the sides and sleeves. Johanne showed me a new stitch for the raglan seams and I did a basic mattress stitch for the rest.
In other news, it was Alanna’s birthday Monday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! While half of her gift is, literally, still in the mail. I gave her the other half on Saturday. Don’t judge me, but I bought myself one too. A skein holder and yarn baller! I have been thinking about purchasing one for a while now and thought it would make a great half-gift! So far, hers remains untried, but Paul and I experimented with mine.
At first, Paul was a bit distressed that I had replaced his status as yarn baller. He looked at me with an incredibly exaggerated pout and said “You mean you’ve replaced me?!”
Exasperated, I replied that I had not ‘replaced’ him; he could still ball my yarn with the yarn baller. If you look at it that way, I really bought it for him, not myself… right? I could probably sell that.
We sat down and set it up. It takes the 30-40 minute, or possibly much longer, process of balling a skein of yarn down to four minutes. You heard me, FOUR MINUTES! After seeing the yarn baller in action, Paul accepted that it was an amazing idea and why had we not purchased one before? I believe he was joking; at least I am going to take it as a joke. Many times I have come within inches of purchasing these tools and every time I discussed it with him, he indicated that he was a manual yarn baller and I could not take away his only job! It was with no small amount of smugness I watched his incredulous expression as he saw the speed and precision of said yarn baller.
As I have been writing this article I realize how typing out yarn baller over and over again makes me feel a bit silly. This yarn baller needs a name. It cannot be just any name; a name needs to reflect the usefulness and function she performs. So far, Paul has suggested Wendy as in, Wendy the Winder, and I think Alanna came up with Betty the Baller. Still brain storming though, any suggestions are welcome!
While I contemplate the name of my new toys, I have started the Terracotta sweater from Tanis Fiber Arts. I am actually using Tanis Yellow Label DK Weight yarn as well, in cobalt blue.
The blue is much more vibrant than this photo gives it credit for.
The Yarn Baller photo above has a more accurate representation.