Not so Cruel Summer

The ‘I Heart Aran’ sweater has been completed! It turned out really REALLY well.

Since I had to piece it together the seams, all but invisible, badly needed to be blocked. It was only after blocking that I realized I had bound off the shawl collar too tight and it would not sit properly. Cursing my perfectionist ways I set about to fix the collar. It was already bound off and sewn into place. Taking it apart was tedious and not something I would advise at midnight, but I was waiting and it kept me busy. The following morning, I cast it off again with much better results. I have never cast off something so loosely in my entire life. I thought it was going to be messy looking, with excess yarn all over the place, but it actually looked natural.

The other photos of this sweater look a different colour.
This is the most accurate representation of the actual colour I could capture in a photo.

I tried to make the sweater a little longer then the pattern calls for, in the pictures it looks like it just hits the top of the jeans, I like a little over lap. It is not much longer, but when I blocked it, I pinned the shoulders and the bottom hem for a bit more length. I am very pleased with the final results and plan to wear it in November when I attend the Vogue Knitting Live convention in Chicago.

After I finished the Aran sweater, I knitted up a Mary Maxim kit my mother bought for my nephew. It is a little sweater with a camping scene on the front. From cast on, to cast off it took about three days. I wanted it finished for this weekend when my parents came to visit. I didn’t manage to get a picture, but I am happy it is off my ‘things to knit’ list.
My Grandmother and her husband, Grandpa Bob, visited as well. After showing her the aran sweater, just finished for myself, she wanted to order matching sweaters for her and Bob. We managed to find a unisex cable sweater pattern that works for both of them and a quick trip to the yarn store procured the wool.
Speaking of the yarn store, a gentleman came in with a sweater kit and requested someone to knit it for him. Johanne asked if I would be interested in making it and I accepted. I am going in later today and will hopefully iron out some of the options on the pattern and pick up the wool.
Looks like it is going to be a busy summer for me! I will try to get a picture of the sweater for my nephew and give a, photo heavy, update on the rest of my projects.