Something Old, Something New

After not feeling well, I haven’t made a whole lot of wedding planning progress, but the other day I exchanged quite a few emails with our wedding planner. We started hammering out some details; talking about décor, cake, flowers, and getting the engagement photos done. Needless to day, I am in a very wedding-y space right now. The title of the article actually refers to me finally finishing the linen stitch scarf AND starting something new and exciting!!

The linen stitch scarf turned out so well. It is much longer than I thought it would be, but that could just be my knitting. Four hundred and fifty stitches knit length-wise turned into a seven-foot scarf with an eight-inch width.
I still have to block it and I haven’t completely decided how. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino DK. It is a single-ply, super wash merino wool and the blocking instructions say to throw it in the washer on delicate. I am weary of doing this. It looks so pretty and I don’t want to ruin it. Machine-washing anything that I haven’t made from acrylic makes me very nervous.
The stitch is a very simply one to do, that does not require a lot of attention. Perfect for me right now! It also looks beautiful on both sides. I may have to start another one. I have another Madeline Tosh colour way in mind, but I also want to make one out of stash yarn, just to get rid of all my odds and ends. I think it will look great!

The top is the right side and the bottom is the wrong side!

I will give this advice though. If you mess up…. Just leave it. Trust me! At some point in my knitting, I realized I had knit about six stitches that were supposed to be purled. They were a couple rows down and usually you can work along until you are right above the problem and drop the stitch. Follow that dropped stitch down, fix your problem and bring it back up. Voila!
It is not that easy with the linen stitch. Since every other stitch is slipped instead of knitted or purled, it is much more difficult to bring the stitch back up and make it look natural. I curse myself for the perfectionalism that drives me to attempt these insane fixes! I did manage to fix the stitches, but it took me HOURS, and there were only six!
My something new is the ‘I Heart Aran’ sweater from Tanis Fiber Arts. I have had this pattern for a while and been dying to try it! I’ve decided to use my Cascade Eco wool in the mulberry colour. It is really turning out well!
I also managed to cable to the front instead of the back early on in the pattern. It was not really noticeable, but I just couldn’t let it stay. It would throw off the nice clean lines of the cables and I would always know it was there. I tried to drop the stitch down and tuck the cable behind, but as soon as I dropped it, I realized it was a lost cause. It zigged crazily to the right and then zagged to the left. It would have been impossible to guess which stitch I would actually need to drop in order to fix this one cable. I ended up ripping out about three inches of work to fix it. Three inches, admittedly, isn’t too much to rip out, but when it is three inches of cable patterns.
This will be the first sweater I have to put together; all the others were knit as one piece. It will be an interesting experience and I really hope it goes well. Hopefully I’ll have another sweater update for you next time!