Being there and Square

This past weekend was Father’s Day; I hope all who celebrated had a great time. Paul and I took this opportunity to visit our families. We took a day trip to my family’s place on Saturday and Paul’s on Sunday.

At Paul’s parents house, I normally bring a current project and make a great deal of headway. Paul and his two brothers, Chris and Patrick, will usually engage in video games or some other bonding activity, leaving me to my own devices. This Sunday, however, I forgot my to-go project. I headed out the door with my mind bent on lunch and left it hanging off a kitchen chair. The nagging feeling that I was forgetting something kept bothering me in the car. When I remembered, there was a slight moment of panic, but I calmed myself with the thought of audio books on my phone and that our visit was not going to be a particularly long one. Most of that time would be spent at the buffet lunch in the Niagara casino.

After said lunch had been devoured and we were leaving the casino, I kept thinking “Man, I wish more yarn shops were open on Sunday!!” When I voiced this to Paul, he told me to check if any were open. I didn’t have high hopes; Johanne’s Knit ‘n’ Stitch is one of the few places open on Sundays (or Monday’s for that matter). What I did NOT anticipate was the business hours of a tourist location.
Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn in downtown Niagara on the Lake happens to be a yarn shop I had visited before. On their four-year anniversary I wrote an article about them for the Niagara College News. The layout had changed drastically since me previous visit. The yarn section was larger and connected to both the fabric section and the store next door, which is also run by the owners of Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn.
I went in with the idea of sock yarn. It’s something small that I could pick up and go with no pressure to buy several skeins of yarn and haul it around with me. Socks would be perfect. I ended up going with a variegated yarn that creates a stripe pattern as you knit your sock. I thought it would be interesting to try and why not!
Now I needed needles. There was a cup of double pointed needles on top of the sock yarn display. I didn’t see any other needle display, so I took a closer look at the ones in front of me. THEY WERE SQUARE! My mind was blown. I know it is something small and simple, but I thought to myself… who thought of square needles and why? What’s wrong with the normal ones (aside from the obvious)? I decided to pick them up, since I couldn’t see any others, and thought they would be something of a novelty item.
As I casted on and noticed no great difference, but when I started to knit with them I realized the why. The square design gives you a little more to hang onto. The needles are 2.5mm, so quite small. The small edging of the square just fits perfectly between my fingertips. Usually, when I knit with double pointed needles, I feel like my knitting skill level is that of a particularly gifted gorilla. NO MORE! I realized a couple rows in that I was knitting smoothly, no fumbling, no slipping. Who would have thought square needles would work so well?
After sharing this with Johanne, she did point out it would be hard to measure what size they are. There is no way to shove the square peg through a circular measuring hole. Aside from this, I love them!!
Lately I have been working on a pair of Alpha socks for my mom. She purchased some yarn and requested socks. They’re turning out quite well.
The Alpha socks are quite intricate so I haven’t been able to work on them much. I have been making quite a bit of progress with the linen stitch scarf. I’ll have some photos of that for next time!