The Toaster Incident

Well over the past several days I have finished my second Patina sock and started a different pattern. I’ve also picked up the linen stitch scarf again; I forgot how easy it knits up.

The second sock went MUCH easier, and there were parts of the pattern that I didn’t get on the first run through. For example, when I got turned around after picked up the stitches on the heel, I actually picked them up on the wrong side. As a result, my second sock looks a bit different from the first, but it’s not immediately noticeable.
The second pair I started is another Tanis Fiber Arts pattern called the Alpha sock. There are cables down the side and a lot of texture. I am not sure how it will work out with the variegated yarn I have chosen, but a little uncertainty in life is healthy.
Speaking of healthy, I am still on the mend from this concussion, which is why I have only finished the patina socks this week. This also means I don’t have much of an inclination for cooking, nor the appetite that would call for any type of intense food preparation.
Sometime last week I woke up hungry, something that was a feat in itself! I usually wake up with a throbbing head and nausea, but not this morning. There was pressure in my head, but not unbearable. I thought I might actually be able to eat something! Joy of joys, now, what the heck am I supposed to have for breakfast?! Fruit? Not really filling enough, plus it is cold, I’m feeling something warm. Eggs would be nice, so I peek in the fridge to discover we have none. As I scan the sparse contents of the fridge I begin to feel at a loss. What AM I going to eat? Then it dawns on me; I have eggo waffles in the freezer! Yes, cinnamon toast waffles my favourite kind. I set them on the counter and bring up the little white toaster. I open the eggo box and there are only two left, so I pop them in and push down the lever.
Our toaster is about seven years old; I bought it from Walmart for $12 when I was going to university. Between the age and cheap construction, it is safe to call it temperamental at best and possessed at worst. Usually you have to put any kind of toast through at least twice before it is toasted at all. As my eggo’s are in I putter around the kitchen, put dishes away, tidy up, just keeping busy until they’re done. Then I realize it is taking an awful long time for those eggo’s to toast. I whip around to find smoke rising from the little white toaster of RUINATION. I rush over to it, the sudden movements making my head spin, and jab the cancel button. Oh did I not mention, the eject button doesn’t work. I wrench the lever up to find both of my eggo’s black and smoking slightly. I just stood there, dejected, and thought many uncharitable and violent thoughts towards said toaster. It was in this moment, I decided we needed a new one, immediately.
Paul and I ended up going to Best Buy, because they had a small appliance sale. I won’t bore you with the entire process, but the sales lady earned her keep and talked us out of the cheapest toaster into the cool one, it’s a Breville. There are buttons instead of levers to push the toast down. Among the regular functions of a toaster (Bagel, Defrost etc) there are also buttons to “Lift and Look” and toast “A Bit More”. “Lift and Look” stops the toasting process for just a few seconds, making the toast rise out to allow for a short peek. This way, you can determine if your toast is sufficiently toasted, or not. Normal toasters require you to cancel and then restart the whole process again, the Lift and Look solves that problem! Just in case the Look and Lift wasn’t enough, there is “A Bit More” button. I’ll give you three guesses what that one does…. And the first two don’t count. There’s also a Bagel setting so it knows to toast only on the inside.
Last but not least, the browning gradient on the side is backlit, but ALSO act as a timer for your toasting experience. This lets you anticipate just how long is left on your toast, NO MORE GUESSING! This brushed die-cast aluminum piece of heaven looks like it belongs in my kitchen.