Socks of Doom – Part Two

Sock one is complete!! Just finished and the sock is on the foot.
It was a rough trip through sock-land, but I have emerged successful. I know I wanted my first sock to be perfect, but it isn’t and I should really know better by now then to hope. On the bright side, the intricacy of this pattern means all those mistakes are not glaringly obvious. The one misaligned design at the heel, a missed yarn over or two and a knit one purl one ribbing that shifted one to the left, then shifted back are all well hidden within the textures.

There were a few confusing bits in the pattern as well. Right after the heel flap was complete, the pattern indicates you are to pick up stitches along the side, combine with the held foot stitches and pick up an equal amount along the other side. You go from working back and forth on the heel flap, to working in the round around again for the rest of the heel and foot. Somehow, I ended up working the wrong side when I was supposed to end up on the right side. I still have no idea how this transpired, but I managed to fudge the pattern a bit and get myself around the right side and kept going.
Also, down the heel flap, my knit-two-together and slip-slip-knit-together’s stopped making a nice line. Again I am really not sure what happened, I did not change what I was doing, that I know of. I guess I can chalk that up to one of life’s mysteries… or at least the mysteries of a concussion.
The only thing left to do is block it, which will iron out even more of the wrinkles I made in the pattern. I am going to wait for the second sock to be done and block them both at the same time. If I can force myself to stop wearing them…
After sock number two is complete I will have to return to my linen stitch scarf and bright eyelet scarf. I bought the eyelet scarf yarn from a Dye-Versions booth at the knitters frolic in April. I have found the pattern is not too bad once you get it down, but it works up very slow. It’s going to be one of those things I keep to the side and work on sporadically.
 I’ll tune in with another update soon, probably to celebrate the completion of my second sock of doom!