Of Wool and Warmachine

Well I FINALLY finished Paul’s sweater!!!

It is sheer happenstance I was able to get it done this early. By lucky coincidence, I arrived in Oakville 40 minutes early for my chiropractor appointment. This had absolutely nothing to do with me conducting very poor math while calculating what time I had to leave. I went into The Wool Bin, not my usual haunt, and meandered around to kill time. LOW AND BEHOLD!! Cascade Eco Wool in chocolate brown; the exact colour I needed! I still have a skein ordered from Johanne’s, but with that skein and the leftovers of this one, I will have enough for a whole other sweater. This makes me feel much better about buying a 478-yard skein to finish off half a button band.

I may have mentioned before, Paul’s first intarsia sweater is almost complete. I ran out of yarn while working on the previously mentioned button band. Although looking at it now, I suppose, I could have made the hood a bit shorter and saved the wool there, but there is no use crying over spilled milk or huge hoods. When I decided to make Paul a sweater I asked him to look through the intarsia books and pick out one he liked, since the moose patterned sweater was out of the question.

Link to the book on Ravlery
He picked a good pattern; it was actually my second choice for him. The pattern was for a pullover, as per usual with intarsia lopi sweaters, but he wanted a cardigan… with a hood. Outrageous demands! Of course I would give it a try, this project would be full of new skills that would only add to my current knowledge base. After all is said and done…. I think it will be quite some time before I try another cardigan.

I used the same colours in Paul’s sweater that I used in my own. You only use a few yards, if that, from the ball and I still have plenty. I could probably stretch those skeins into two to three more sweaters.
As part of another little anecdote, I feel I should tell you Paul plays a strategy game called Warmachine. It is a complex mix of manually assembled pewter models, paint, statistics, dice, tokens, tape measures and at least some manner of brainpower. As my friend Megan so eloquently said, “it’s part art project, part RISK.” They occasionally have tournaments, which are played on a 4X4 foot table. For some reason or another, the tournament organizer, Captain Spud, wanted to narrow the playing fields. To show the new boundaries, he bought a skein of red yarn and cut several strands to lie across the edges. After the tournament he gave Paul the rest of the skein since he had no further use for it and knows I knit.
Instead of throwing it in with the stash yarn I decided to make him a hat. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get an entire hat from the rest of the skein, so I put a stripe in the middle with some other leftover variegated acrylic yarn I had.
And of course I had to include a pompom.
I am still working on the socks, in an unexpected twist, I am actually using the double pointed needles. I could not complete the socks without them! Hopefully, my next post will include completed socks! Well… at least completed sock!